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  • Ok first day on huel,
     It tastes so bad. I got a bag of vanilla and a bag of unflavoured I currently have only tried the vanilla. The best way I can describe it is like an artificial sweet cake frosting in flavour and like pancake batter in texture. It makes me gag so I'm not too sure of how this is going to work out. Apparently people have blended lots of things with it so tomorrow I'm going to blend it with bananas and cocoa in hope that it makes it better.
    Xi out
  • Soylent 1.7 just came out. Newest powder. Very neutral flavor and mixes well. I'm in love
  • Knowing cell nutrition is only a small part of the equation. Nutrition is also about what we can digest, what can pass the stomach wall, what gets distributed evenly by the cardio-vascular system, etc. Unless you're using an IV with specific forms of these various things, which is an option I guess, then you're not really going to be guaranteed that you're getting enough of various vitamin.

    That said, humans are hardy creature. Really fucking hardy. We evolved to survive on whatever it is that we happen to be able to find and eat, from a diet made of 100% whale and seal to a diet that's all grain with a few grubs thrown in. And there is no universal truth as to what is The Best© for all humans. We're all different. We all need different things based on our genetics, environment, and epigenetics.

    But if you can live for two years on 95% soylent, then it's probably good enough for most everyone.
  • Thanks, @Cathasach, for putting that into words better than I was able to.
  • The new soylent flavors are the bomb diggity. The Cacao tastes like a chocolate shake, and the Nectar tastes like fruit loops milk. Both go down super easy, and Iv'e been drinking through 4-5 a day no problem since they just taste good. 10/10 would recommend
  • soylent is more difficult for me to get ahold of compared to huel. although id love to get ahold of some to try!
  • The closest I've come to doing anything like the posters above is going all green-tinge bananas and vanilla flavored "Muscle Milk" powder mixed with organic milk for several days.  That's something out of the ordinary for me and the only reason I ever do it is to get quick calories that are easy to stomach during a dexedrine binge. 
  • used Joylent for some time, however, the meals were too large and gave sugar rush.

    found much better alternative:

    a little pricier and available in Europe only (I believe). it feels much better quality and the dosing suits better.

    Anyone has experience with MANA too?
  • Is there an English version of their nutritional information?
  • oh boy its been a while so i have been on and off of huel for over a year and here is an update:
    the very first week I was on it I was violently Ill. After calculating how much I was eating it was only half of my RDA of calories. that was the problem. for me I find it hard to keep up with how much I am eating and keeping track of it (remembering to eat) was a big thing.
    after the first month or so I managed to trickle off of the blended berries and it was drinkable there was no real changes I noticed over normal food, over around Easter I went back to solid food. oh my I forgot how good food tasted. Ate an entire packet of chicken sensations they were the best. it felt like my tongue was having an orgasm genuinely. I had never enjoyed eating other food so so much.
    going back to uni after Easter I figured I wasn't going to eat only huel. I had proved that it was possible to live off of it for a few months with no downsides and that's how I have remained. During the whole thing I have still been drinking 2 or so cups of coffee a day as I love coffee.
    they brought out bars and I tried them, they were terrible. very dry.
    they brought out granola. that's basically just normal granola with huel powder thrown in the box. also terrible.
    they brought out new vanilla and that tastes like heaven. its so so soo good. it makes me actually want to drink it.
    the only kind of downside is the transition. I got real gassy for 3 or so days of switching on or off of it. it is something i would recommend trying if you are interested.

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