Subdermal Implant Data

This link has been passed around before - but I thought I'd post it again to see if we can get more data added.



  • Title of the doc (& thread) is Subdermal Implant data, but the column specifies Magnet types. Are we keeping this exclusive to magnet info, or should other implants be listed too?
  • Other implants are listed on the other pages. There's a page for RFIDs and a page for other (like firefly tattoos)
  • Genius - I've never actually noticed the other tabs. lol
  • Neither did I :O thanks!
  • I like. :3 Why was this secret a secret!?
  • Wasn't exactly a secret - just wasn't shared well
  • is this for anyone who has one?
  • @Mr_Night, definitely! Anyone who has undergone an implant procedure and closed the wound should put their data into the document.
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    aight awesome. I was thinking this was for that batch of them that i commented on a while ago (my first post) where it was for tracking a batch or something. thanks ill add my info.

    Edit: Not sure what the injection method is. it was a metal tube used to put the magnet deep into where it needed to be, would that be a needle... or is that called something else?

  • Sounds like they used a taper to stretch or make a pocket. Assuming, needle first.
  • well it was hollow and big enough to accomidate the magnet. I seen a extra magnet sitting out, but i couldent see what he actually did as it was a bit crowded where he was working :P kinda hard to see through 2 hands at such a tiny spot.

  • This is great keep up the good work! Can't wait to start adding data of my own...
  • Would it be worth having backup copies in case of vandalism?
  • Would it be worth having backup copies in case of vandalism?
  • Superman, don't think so.. couldn't you just use the revision history to return to the intended time-stamp? If you know of a way to completely clear out the revisions please direct message me! Perhaps this is a bit n00bish, but I don't use Google d0x much.. =]
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    I know it has a slightly nicer interface, and nearly everyone has a Google account, but if you're concerned about revisions, vandalism, permissions, change tracking, etc... the MediaWiki software is really designed for that. And very good at it. Of course that does require a hosting solution, but if you don't care for picking your own domain name, there's free (sometimes ad funded) hosting providers out there.

    That said, though it is mildly obscure, technically this site has a wiki, though I can't say much about the software, having not used it. This should definitely remain prominent though. I'd go so far as to say that anytime someone makes a thread regarding their implant process, someone should link them the document in case they didn't already know about it, or forgot about it.
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    I wan to know where I can a do-it-yourself kit in Eng, west mid
  • I can help you lock the sheet down if you want. I did one for people to input magnet orders and they are only allowed to edit certain fields. although, unfortunately they can edit each other's input. No way around that really.

  • Handy , good idea !

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