Hearing Electromagnetic, Radio, or Higher Frequency Sound Waves

The other day I was listening to the various "planet sounds" videos on YouTube, which are made by taking the data captured by the probes on the planet's emission of electromagnetic waves and particle oscillation frequencies and then translating that data into audible sound waves. I thought it would be really cool to have an implant (or wearable if an implant is simply not feasible) that translated radio waves, electromagnetic waves, etc, in real time to sound. 

So far in looking I have found this instructable on how to build what is basically a modified crystal radio that responds in real time to electromagnetic fields or light sources with sound. 
If it was able to be significantly scaled down, it could be a possible way of achieving the ability to hear waves outside of sound waves in the audible range.  

Any ideas or advice on all this would be much appreciated.


  • Hmm.... 
    Use yer phone.
    Something like the "architecture of radio" -app, with a gyro to detect where you're hearing should do.
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