N52 implant, How big?

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I recently found a site that sells gold plated N52 magnets for a relatively cheap price. And in my haste I purchased it for £17(incl. postage)... However, I haven't bothered watching any videos of others doing the procedure in ages and so forgot how small they tended to be. So my question is, What's the top size they should be?

The one I've ordered is here, It's a '6.35mm dia. x 1.5875mm depth' magnet.

And if it isn't a particularly good idea to implant in the finger tip, would there be another place in which it might better fit? And of course with Christmas coming up, I'm broke! So it's not like I'll be ordering another one anytime soon.


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    Please remember that Volume increases exponentially, and that both increase far faster than the strength gained from additional magnetic material. 

    Ideally, the smaller the better. Higher responsiveness and less inertia. ^^'

    The other obstacle one faces is the larger the implant, the more circulation that is blocked or hindered by it's presence. That is a very large magnet... I will not take the authority to say "Too big"... But that's a big one... :O

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    @Zerbula, Do you know if there'd still be enough sensitivity?
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    Math Time!

    is the formula for Volume.

    the 'nominal size' is usually a 3mm Dia by 1mm high magnet, NdFeB, N52.
    π(1.52)1 = 7.07mm3

    for your Au Plated magnet... 

    π(3.1752)1.5875 = 50.27mm3

    So... It looks like it's trying to move approximately sevenfold the weight... 7.110 to be more precise...

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    Not immediately familiar with the formula for calculating strength from volume of magnetic mass... however, quick google search gives http://thackerymagnetics.com/, which presents a calculator that seems to do the number correctly to me. ^^

    Flux @ 0.0mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.895 neutons
    Flux @ 0.5mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.359 neutons
    Flux @ 1.0mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.078 neutons

    Flux @ 0.0mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - 2.606 neutons
    Flux @ 0.5mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - 1.629 neutons
    Flux @ 1.0mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - 0.735 neutons

    However, do remember it's moving 7.110x the mass... so your numbers, adjusted for the mass they carry, should look like this in regards to efficiency:

    1 / 7.110 = .141, or 14.1% efficient.

    Flux @ 0.0mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.895 efficiency
    Flux @ 0.5mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.359 efficiency
    Flux @ 1.0mm away on 3mm x 1mm - 0.078 efficiency

    Flux @ 0.0mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - .0.366 efficiency
    Flux @ 0.5mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - .0.229 efficiency
    Flux @ 1.0mm away on 6.35mm x 1.5875mm - .0.103 efficiency

    In other words, at absolute maximum strength, expect just under 41% of the sensing power. HOWEVER, It is interesting to note that it seems to have less of a drop off over distance because of the extra mass. ^^

    NEEDS TO BE NOTED : This also does not include the variable for coating thickness, which DOES much more negatively effect larger magnets, as well. Refer to the wiki, already done the math there between at M31 and M36 in regards to what the coating does alone. ^^'

    Please spotcheck for any errors, though I THINK this is right. :D
  • @zerbula, not able to spot check right now, but even the rough results you've provided are fine. One last question though, due to the size of the magnet I don't want to have to place it in my finger, so how would placing it in the flap of fat under the pinky be? Of course if it significantly reduces the sensitivity even further, I don't want to do that, but do you have any idea if that would still work? Else, what's the most sensitive area in which to implant it?
  • The best ares are the ones with higher concentrations of nerves. ^^

    Simply, feel something with your fingertip, then feel it with the back of your hand. You can look up the highest nerve densities in the body, or do feeling tests to get an idea.

    But very few places are as idea, or functional, for implants. think high concentration of sensory nerves. ^^
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