SWIM's really stupid idea (Ignore if you hate stupid ideas you have been warned!)

Someone who isn't me (SWIM) was browsing around the Intel Exchange recently and they found a cool thread showing a close range emp device. They have begun looking into it but the smaller devices seem to not be an actual emp but more a kind of focused electron pulse. SWIM was hoping to find a possible way of implanting a device like this but since the smaller ones rely heavily on electrons it may just be a fantasy. SWIM has had an electron burn before and it was not fun. And before people start commenting about capacitor sizes and the idiot idea of implanting such dangerous things, YES SWIM KNOWS HE IS A MORON  WARNED YOU. 


  • I don't think the SWIM thing actually helps a person avoid any legal consequences. Anyways, no. I see no reason this is a stupid idea. There would of course be a lot of design considerations... Size, heat produced etc. Do you have a link to the thread?
  • I am unable to find that thread again. The forum is extremely unorganized. If you just want to look around it here it is. https://rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion/
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