Exoskelton body attached to nevous system

Any ideas how to make a cheap exoskeleton that would connect to nevous system? 


  • Yeah. Look in the wiki. Its next to uploading yourself into a computer for under 50$
  • Well the idea would be to tap into the major sensory and motory neurons using things like the utah array. Like multiple of those and each is like 5k or so. Add a lot of electronics to make sense out of the data, surgery, designing and fabricating an entire exoskeleton, oh and the tiny litte task to make everything work together nicely.

    Ok that did sound a bit sarcastic. Honestly, while it would be possible to pull this stunt with current tech, it's hell of an expensive adventure. Not to mention all the different sort of specialized people you need to complete it.
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    I think that's blowing it a bit out of the water. Using a collection of cheap EMG systems attached to major antagonist/agonist groups that you wanted "power assist" on would give you a fair interface (it would have a good amount of latency, so you'd have to account for that) without sinking $5k for each utah array. it wouldn't be attached directly, but it'd do what you wanted it to. Sparkfun has some units that might be useful for around $40 (LINK)

    As far as a direct connection to the nervous system, I may have something cheaper than a utah array coming up, but it'll be a bit before it's available for people to use in projects. Also won't be nearly as precise.
  • ... Why would you need nervous control of an exoskeleton anyway? I don't recall any of the power assist exoskeletons needed any sort of neural control
  • If you're making something that reads muscle tension & electrical impulses outside of the skin, DO NOT forget to smooth the signal.
    Predictive is fine, direct translation causes jerking & horrible movements.
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