Some questions before DIY magnetic implant.

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Hello everybody, im new in everything about biohacking, i`m from Argentina and apologies if my english is really bad.
1)How i can steriliz tools and magnet before do it?
2)How deep should be the insicion?(i have planed do it in my ring finger)
3)what happen if magnet isn t is complete sterilized?


  • So if I was you I'd check out the wiki page for a lot of that.

    1) don't use rum and blowtorches (kidding but not at the same time)

    2) just under the skin layer. If you have skunned any critter before just like that.

    3) bad real bad. Infections, rejections. Please take this serious and study up.

    So first questions from me.

    1) what size magnet is it?

    2) where did you get it?

    3) what's it coated in?

    4) have you tested it to ensure it is properly coated if it even is?

    These are pretty important in regards to knowing if you should proceed.
  • i do not have a magnet yet, i want a m31 or something like that, TiN coated.
    I am waiting for, or
    Do you know another way to purchase one?

  • There's a few options out there saampa von cyborg, and Steve Haworth if you can get one from him.
  • When you put anything foreign object in your body its no light matter. Make sure its clean and not going to be rejected by the body. Infections like that are not something you want to get.

    Also Meanderpaul im kind of curious you bring up a good point, how do you test if its coated evenly? 
  • Salt water is a good start. There's other ways I believe the wiki has them laid out too.

    You can look at it through a microscope also to see defects depending on the coating.
  • Good to konw thank you.

  • @Shasko  The m31 have been out of stock and backordered until further notice for a couple months now. but I have a few unopened m31 If youre interested. send me a message (hablo espanol)
  • Yes dezie, it sound good, send me a email and we can talk about it.
    [email protected]
    Pd: Sorry for being late
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