Best Course Of Action (Magnets)

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I've been wandering around the wiki and forums long enough to realize you guys are sick of newbies talking about magnets, but I hope you guys can hear me out and answer my (horribly stupid) questions. I would really like to get a magnet implant, preferably a m31 but from what it seems they won't be available for a while. Along with that, Michigan doesn't exactly have the greatest selection of professional implanters so I would most likely have to implant it myself or have someone else without experience do it. My questions that I couldn't find answers on are as follows.

1: How long until the m31's are estimated to be back?
2: is it worth waiting or is it better to coat it yourself?
3: what is the probability of failure?
4: is a former coroners assistant a decent bet for a implanter?
5: should I just go across the country to get someone to Implant it for me?
6: do you guys find it useful or entertaining in everyday life?


  • Well, I think it'll be nice if we get the new version of the site up allowing for subforums. I have heard these questions a thousand times.. But it's still your first time asking. Right now, the only sure bet you have is Haworth or someone similar. His mags stand up to abuse and he's a master of bodywork. If you wait, you will end up with a better quality magnet but I have no idea when they will be done. There are a number of people working on mags but I know of no one nearing completion.

    Probability of failure? What magnet?

    Coroners assistant? Well, has he done body work? I've worked with cadavers and it really dose give you a feel regarding cutting tissue..

    Should you go across the country? Idk. It depends on Why you want it and how quickly you want it.

    Yeah. They're pretty fun.
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