Another FlexNT install

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Ouch. - more to come 



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    Alright so it's time for the actual writeup!

    Last night I implanted the flexNT prototype available from in the back of my left hand. I had been most excited to use my 3D printed injector that I had designed and was thoroughly disappointed at its performance.

    I started with standard pre-op procedure. I attempted to sterilize everything to the best of my ability with a mixture of chlorohexidine and 70% isopropyl alcohol. Then a handful of lido injections and I was all good and numbed up.

    I cut about a half inch incision and used a probe to try to break up the connective tissue to some degree. Just like @aviin, my problem was that the implant was so flexible it would fold even if it met a small bit of resistance. Of course that is why I had made the injector in the first place.

    So as for the performancd of the injector. It sucked. But I think it could have worked. I had two main problems.

    First was that the silicon used to coat the implant was so sticky it would catch on the channel when it was coming out. When under the skin it would rumble when I pushed the plunger. I think this problem could have been solved if the tip of the injector had been closed in. The open channel was a relic from the first iteration of the design.

    Second was the goddamn connective tissue. If I had been able to break through all of it then it think thr injection would have worked better. I think that just comes down to being a little more delligent with the scalpel and scissors. Now I know for next time. I had hoped that the tapered tip of the injector would have been enough to tear some of it but no such luck.

    Eventually I just tried to feed it in with my fingers with varying degrees of success. I have to admire it probably should have been much deeper but it was the best I could do.

    Post-op I sealed everything up with liquid bandage and butterfly bandages. Popped some ibuprofen and iced and triple antibact. Rinse, wash, repeat, etc. Etc.

    Pictures soon
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