My stupid DIY magnet implant adventures

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First of all, HEY GUYS! Im new so dont be too harsh if i dont know something :)

Okay, its 3am so ill try to be brief.

QUESTION: What should i do with my implant (Let the poor guy be/unimplant it and recut in the same place/move on to another finget)

1. On november 1-2 I got myself an DIY magnet implant (N48 5*0.8 Coin type, Gold plated, i tested it with salt water)
2. Now after ~3 weeks passed i decided that i need an advise

Wound isint sealed. Why:
i had a problems with stiches. what problems you ask? 
1. Thread cutting my skin
2. Untieing
And cuz of those reasons magnet climed up ~0.7mm, technicly it should be able to sealitself off but im not 100% sure

Current situcion:
i keep resewing it(it keeps untieing, especialy while showering), skin is quite stiff around the magnet(i can only feel magnet movements, no vibration,no tingling)

it isint sticking out but its quite close

one more thing, it dosent hurt at all 

Thanks for wasting time on me and for putting blaming aside :D



  • Best case, your body will push the magnet out.
    Worst case, you get an infection while your body pushes it out.
    It looks like it wasn't implanted deep enough. Dang. I'm glad it doesn't hurt though.

    Gold coating, by itself, is not safe for implanting. I'm glad you tested it with saltwater and we'd appreciate if you took some close-up pictures of the magnet when it comes out and has been cleaned off. Then, give it another salt water test and see if your body managed to break through the gold an any point.
  • As a side note I'll mention that a lot of people have mentioned keeping stitches for no more than a few (3 at most) days after finger tip magnet implants. I'll sort of agree, though due to supply issues I still haven't gotten a magnet implanted, but from other experiences and input from others, I believe that a tightly wrapped bandage would be best to hold the skin together, it can't heal completely with stitches in place especially on a small area with fairly tight skin like the tip of a finger.

    I'll say that, again, I haven't yet actually had an implant myself.
  • @McSTUFF Im pretty sure that it isint pushing magnet out, it is just staying there. After your post im thinking to cut it out and possibly/probobly to cut pocket open to see what is happening under my skin. If i do that, what im supposed to see ? yellow stuff??

    @Jupiter Thx for information.

    I think that I frogot to mention that my stiches arent biocompatible, i guess thats atleast part of the problem
  • @SomeRandomGuy, even if the magnet isn't pushing out, it is WAY too close to the surface. That's why I said your body would push it out with or without an infection.
    I don't know anyone who has put a magnet on the palm of the hand because that's where we grip things. A magnet under the skin there would cause constant irritation.
  • Well, i guess good to know. Tonight ill cut it out, so i guess till then, ill post some pictures too(or atleast ill try :) )
  • @SomeRandomGuy, I hope your next implant goes better. You managed to get through a DIY surgery without infection so that puts you ahead of me. All my implants were done by a professional.
    Where did you get your magnet?
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    Small 'story' about them:
    so according to description there supposed to be 10 coin magnets 5*0.8mm, but i received 9 gold plated magnets and one non gold plated ~7*3mm(lol)
    one of gold plated magnets was completely shattered (there is a possibility that i shattered it somehow)
    So in concussion i was left with 8 gold plated magnets(btw, they arent sterile, atleast i dont think so)

    so, i have quite a few  "Test tubes" so i putted each and single one of them separately, 3 of them definitely failed, so im left with 5 of them that are good or need closer inspection

    a) Mini angled (second), thisone absolutely ROCKS!!!
    b)   A bit sharper one but it is way to wide for my liking
    Pain handling:
    Ice and rubber band, band mainly for stoping blood, I dont think that it helps with pain but it could, ice helps just a bit but its better then nothing....

    for it i used spray-on bandage, it applies thin waterproof-ish layer that isolates wound

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    Okay, i just pulled magnet out.
    Wound: aside of a bit of stiff skin looks normal, i poked around it and i couldn't find any yellow stuff so i guess magnet isint reacting...

    And then we have magent. Has quite a alot of scraches but i guess it works :)

    ill do salt bath today if i wont be lazy
  • I am curious to hear the results from the salt water test. It looks like the plating is in rough shape but I'm only going on the pictures

    If any other members have a second test this would be a good chance to get data on a previously-implanted gold-plated magnet.
  • Accualy this one was my best magnet but my theory is that since i was resewing my wound over and over again, i scrached magnet with a needle. 

    "If any other members have a second test this would be a good chance to get data on a previously-implanted gold-plated magnet." - could u translate it for me? i dont really understand.

    Ill try to get a microscope to check it out but dont get your hopes too high
  • I was calling on other members of the forum to conceive of tests that could be run on your magnet. For safety reasons, most of the magnets which go into people's bodies are coated with a grinder-approved material. Gold magnets from eBay don't fall into that category. I figured this was a rare opportunity to get new data on something which had been in a body. That's why I was so eager to see how it handles another salt-water test.
    I appreciate that you're willing to run the salt-water test. Birdhandz described how to make a microscope in another thread. [LINK]

  • First of all, u haven even asked me about sending my magnets, what if i disapprove? - so ya, thats not really nice.

    Even so sending it would be a pain but I guess, I could. Especially know the fact that i cutted my self, intentionally :D I guess that makes me masochistic :D (Thats my pickup line :D try it, girls instantly start dripping :D)

    wherever [LINK] points- it dosent work, it opens this thread
  • Here's that thread on the homemade microscope.

    I don't know how well that microscope would work with the magnet though.  It needs something that light will pass through but it might work if you can get enough light shining on the magnet.  The problem is that the lens and the item being viewed need to be very close to be in focus.

    I have held a small magnifying glass up to the camera lens to get close up pictures before and I even taped a CD drive lens over the lens of the camera to get real close up shots.  That last one still needed very good lighting since the camera had to be so close.

    I'm interested to hear what results the saltwater test gives on this magnet.  I think I remember another removed test magnet not too long ago that got scratched up while removing it so the scratches could be from removing it (hitting it with the scalpel) or from the stitching.

    Was it scratched like that before implanting it?

    Another test that was suggested to me (can't remember who) was to use HOT soapy water.  The magnet I purposely damaged has been soaking in that water for a while (week or two?) and it definitely had a reaction and rusted.  Wiping it on a paper towel and looking for a rusty stain should give a faster result.  I think this test only works if the coating is directly over the neodymium.  If it is nickel plated under the gold layer I don't think hot soapy water reacts with nickel.

    Maybe a drop of soap to break the surface tension along with the salt water would help???
  • @Birdhandz have you known that at higher temperatures magnets start loosing their magnetic properties?? 

    Secondary: since those magnets became such a big thing i took pictures of all of my magnets(and im actually quite proud of quality of them). If you guys are wondering "Why there is a laptop??" I used Notepad for lighting :D
    (Last magnet is the one that was in my finger)

  • @SomeRandomGuy, I wasn't clear at all. I apologize. Since you were willing to do a salt-water test I assumed you would be willing to perform other simple tests but I didn't clarify that either. My hope was that someone with more knowledge could suggest another soak-test which might reveal more about the integrity of the coating, like the hot soapy water test Birdhandz suggested.
    I never intended to obligate you to ship the magnet anywhere, certainly not at your expense.
  • Well, like i said, I would prefer not to send it but i guess for a good cause i could

    And PLEASE dont be so apologetic, u are making me uncomfortable :D
  • Haha, in my defense, I live very close to Canada.
  • If the tests you are referring to will only be testing surface integrity, the simplest two would be the saline immersion that has already been done and nickel exposure testing using ammonia and dimethylglyoxime.  Most further biocompatibility testing would be more labour intensive but if you're interested I could give you more information.
  • No thought on pictures that i posted?? 

    @misslitty thats way to complex to even read it, so no thanks....
  • I just sanded one of crappy magnets and yes, they are nickel plated 
  • @SomeRandomGuy, in your opinion, how much of the discoloration on the previously-implanted magnet is due to your body fighting it?
  • The last one is the one that i implanted. i dont think it even fighted it
  • Okay, after something like 4 days of salt water magnets survived!!!!! I have no idea when im going to try to implant them but ill keep you guys posted :)
  • Hey guys, long time no ciat :D Quick update:
    Yesterday i unintentionally implanted a magnet again (Yes, unintentionally, im fucking talented, to my defence i was 'high' (I guess word 'high' is the most appropriate here, since i had a really tiring day today-ill explain tomorrow))

    So, about implantation:
    "I plunged it so deep that the one that pulles it out will be crowned as a new king Arthur". How big the pocket is and how deep i hear you ask. Answer: Big ass pocket with like extra 5mm to seal itself off. Deepness is a really difdicult thing to measure. I would guess that it is not that far from bone(ik, its not a good thing), I wounder how sensitive is it going to be since it is so deep but i guess we will see....

    @McSTUFF probably going to rage if i wont get an infection(as i said, ill tell the story on a later day, probably tomorrow)

    Another thing, i think that ill rename this discussion after few days since we kinda moved on topic of "My magnet implant adventures"
  • BTW, did you stop the water from getting into the wound when you shower? Tap water is not sterile and that can be a source of infection (you need to clean the wound with sterile water at least each time after getting it wet with sutures).
  • Okay, its been a while... I guess finger situation first:
    Finger is still swelling(i guess thats not a surprise...), hurts when i put some pressure on it(yesterday i was barely capable of typing, today i barely feel it)
    now lets talk about old implantation place. skin is still stiff, possibly recently some type of splinter got into epidermis...

    IvoTheSquire I did all my "surgeries" after showering cuz of the same reason. After 24h wound is always somewhat sealed

    Implantation story: 2016/12/2 night, i took some sleep pills (i got sleep problems) and i decided to watch an episode of anime till pills take affect, so i did. And guess what happend-the retarded side of me kicked in. Out of nowhere i had an idea to test how well do those pills work for pain management.....(i guess you guys already see where it is going) so i took UNSTERAL scalpel and the idea was that ill cut up to 1mm to see how much it hurts, BUT i somehow managed to cut like 4mm and i think i hitted a bone. So you guys are probably thinking "4mm isint nearly enough for 5mm magnet, so how the fuck you implanted it?!?!?!". After i noticed that im so deep i was like "well since im that deep, ill finish it off " so i did... Few more detales: scalpel blade started to oxide but not on cutting edge itself, quite abit further(i guess we all understand that thats bad...) + i had to pick a magnet for my implatation (one out of 7, 5 of them definetely good, 2-not sure) and cuz of those drugs i wasint able to see reallly well(ill tell side effects later on). So ya, i guess im lucky and i guess @McSTUFF is raging right now cuz of his infection :D

    Drugs side effects: Eyes cant focus, pickup  detail. Body gets lighter, harder to coordinate. + few others 

    BTW, like 20min ago i had shower
  • On a rage scale of 1 to Hulk I am 2.3 pet rabbits.
    I hope you don't get infected and I'm very curious to see how this all goes. Keep us updated.

  • @McSTUFF, dont lie, we all know that on a rage scale you are Hulk^3 (Hulk power of three aka Hulk * Hulk * Hulk)

    Small update:
    Magnet possibly moved by 1mm. Today, i noticed that im able to feel microwave (im pretty sure that I felt transformer) and yesterday i may felt those shop thingys that protect from thiefs, but im not 100% sure. 
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    SomeRandomGuy  I just noticed your question about the higher temperatures causing the magnets to loose strength.

    I have heard that but the one I was testing was just so I could see what kind of reaction I was looking for with a failed magnet so it didn't matter if it lost any strength.

    I don't have any way to test the magnetic strength but I can't notice any difference in strength between the one I boiled and a new one.  EXTERNAL - I didn't implant any. It probably does make it weaker or sterilizing them would be a lot easier though. 

    I do intend to pressure cook one of the ones I have for another (non implant) use so I'll see if it makes a noticeable difference.  I'm not recommending boiling any of them but I don't think hot water will hurt anything.

    From what I have found online, type N magnets maximum working temperature is 80 C. (176 F).  Above that it will start to loose strength.

    I don't know what type the ones I bought are.  They are only N35 and not N48 so they are weaker than yours to start with.

    For the nickel exposure testing using ammonia and dimethylglyoxime, search ebay or online for nickel spot test kit.  Might be easier than getting the chemicals and making it yourself. 

    Good luck with this implant. 
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