Leftover TiN N55 Magnets 3mm x 1mm

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I have some leftover magnets that are coated in Titanium Nitride (TiN) with N55 strength 3mm x 1mm.

I planned to have one in each finger but after the first one I didn't like the idea of doing it another 9 times.

I still recommend waiting for the M31 or Cyberise but if you are someone who is impatient atleast use one that has been successful.
I have had mine for just over a year with no problems

If you are interested in them let me know.



  • Sent you a PM. Thanks for sharing this opportunity with our community!
  • I've sent you a PM. Shaking with excitement!
  • I've sent you a PM too, thanks in advance!
  • I'm curious where these were sourced? Most manufacturers I've attempted to work with are not open to TiN coating on magnets of this size.
  • I had that problem with the magnets being too small a few times in other countries like the U.S but I got more "it costs a lot of money to use their machine". I was lucky enough to know someone who works for a coating company in Australia.
  • Would your connection be willing to run a new batch?

    If so, I'd like to purchase a few of yours to test.

    Let me know.
  • It's possible but it costs a lot of money to use the machine as its stoppping other products from being coated which in turn they lose time and money. It cost me $800 to use the machine and I only coated 20 magnets and 9 got a good enough coat.
  • I would like to know what made you spend 800 on 20 and only have a need to have at most 10 implanted? There are much easier/cheaper options.
  • Money is not a concern for me. There are always faulty coatings im not going to order 10 and hope for the best. I have tried other options they just dont compare. I only had 20 magnets thinking I wouldn't need any more but the price would be the same if I had 50 or 100 hundred.
  • Yikes, ok - nevermind my thought. Thanks for the reply!
  • @JDM21 Personally I intend on waiting to get my magnets, but I am curlous, what Machine on particular handles the coating? The one that the company I guess is using for other things and that cost you that much to use? Also, was that in USD or AUD (the $800)?
  • Once they become available I will be getting one too. I'm interested in comparing them.

    I'm not sure what the exact machine is called. But I'm sure I can find out for you.

    $800AUD which is about $590USD. They coat basically anything you want but im sure they wold coat whatever they coat by the hundreds or more depending on their limitations.
  • If it's not too inconvenient I would appreciate finding out what it is. I assume it's a decent quality machine based on what you've said (sounds like a company using it to mass coat lots of things).
  • You wouldn't happen to have any left still?
  • I too would love to know if you have any left.

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