Light Diffused by Skin

So I've just had a cool thought. But after a brief thinking, I don't think it would work. Would a small light source under the skin be diffused by the skin such that if the light were coming through a shaped metal opening, like a letter...

If I had a decently bright LED light, inside a tiny metal box with a "A" shape cut in it, the "A" would appear to glow if you looked at it when the light was on, but under skin, would the light become diffused such that it just looks like a... blob of light rather than an "A"? I figure it depends a little on how thick the skin is, but I was hoping someone with a firefly implant could help me out here, or someone with a little more experience in this than me.

EDIT: It occurred to me that the size of the letter matters too, assume it's tiny. Like 5x5 mm. The letter that is. Or smaller even.
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