New article series on everything from fusion to nanotech to medicine

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I've started writing an article series on the field of nanotechnology. It'll be some highlights of the field, some of my work and where I see the various technologies going. In this first article I talk about my first experience with nanotechnology and a weird little particle called a quantum dot. They're fairly common now so many of you probably already know a bit about them.



  • Hi @Chironex:

    Thanks for writing such a beautifully designed and articulate summary of a cool nanotechnology like quantum dots. Are you going to keep posting on medium or are you going to nestle that back into the Thought Emporium?

    Also, not to be a douche and grammar nazi, but I wanted to offer a few corrections to your Thought Emporium page related to your research projects. There are a couple misspellings that jumped out. I offer these with the hope of raising the quality of the presentations of biohacking projects and any potential investors/buyers/proponents who may happen to see it.

    On the Fireflies page:

    "Compatable" should be "Compatible" and;
    "Biodegradeable" should be "Biodegradable"

    On the Transdermal page:

    "Componant" should be "Component"

    On the Magnetic Zeolite page:

    "Silicas" should be "Silica's"
    "Acccessible" should be "Accessible" 

    Keep up the awesome work! I am truly intrigued by the work being done and in being an advocate for transhumanist/biohacking dialogue across disciplines, both inside academia and in the labs and garages all over the world. 

  • Thanks @DACPA glad you liked it. I think i'm gonna be posting on medium, I like the format better than the blog thing built into my site. Easy to use and access, easier to share. Thanks for catching those, I'll be sure to fix them!

  • Just finished writing my next article. While not strictly in the same series, it instead details my time working on my fusion reactor and some of the things I learned in the process. 

  • My next article is finished. This time looking at cosmic rays and radiation. If you ever saw the listen to lightning thread, you'll recognize VLF radio near the end. 

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