Possible implant sites

I was thinking about other places besides the fingers, hands and forearm that could be used as an implant site. I have seen places like near the ear for conductive headphones and similar one off things but without a knowledge of anatomy I'm not sure which places would be of most use. The sides of the torso seem like possible places for larger implants despite being moved around a lot, out of the way and also squishy. What makes an ideal implantation spot and are there any areas of the body, besides things where theres lots of sensation, that should be avoided?


  • It depends what implant your thinking of and the use you want for it. I assume your talking about magnets and that would depend on what you would use it for.

    The tragus is more for sound, fingers for feeling. Rfid,nfc mines in the outer side of my dominant hand to swipe for access cards but some have it say in shoulder blades for data security and storage.

    The use and placement is dependent for what you need.

    All you need is a little IMAGINAAAATION ;)
  • :P was thinking of possibly a small vibrating implant for notifications using something similar to passive RFID. At the moment a dream, possibly real at some point. Was thinking possibly the side of my stomach, between the hips and the rib as there is lots of empty skin. 
  • Why passive if your planning on having power for the vibrating motor? Also why rfid with notifications?
  • so anywhere that people aren't already getting magnets doesn't work out very wll because you get no real feeling. I have one in my arm for testing and I can watch it pull about 1/4 an inch away from the resting place with another magnet before feeling anything at all. the inside of us has very little feeling and this doesn't work for vibrations very well at all.
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