First Magnet Implant

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On September 30, a local implanter gave me my first magnet- an N52 coated in Parylene-C with an additional layer of FDA Grade 6 epoxy.  For the sake of record keeping and the sanity of future implantees concerned re their healing progress, I wanted to share my experience so far.

The entire procedure was incredibly sterile, no painkillers were used beyond a gloved finger in iced isopropyl alcohol to numb.  The incision and insertion were over in less than 10 minutes at which point the site was sealed with Dermabond.  I took 400 mg ibuprofen daily and when I was able to I would ice my finger.  I cleaned the wound twice daily (used soap and water, not saline, oops), and applied a thin layer of triple anti-bact containing lidocaine and a band aid for pressure overnight.  Any time a band aid caused enough moisture retention to lead to pruning, I removed it and let it air out.  I also tried to play with it as little as possible, which is easier said than done.

Immediately following implantation, I was able to feel the microwave and lift large paperclips.  My finger became very warm and inflamed and remained so for the rest of that day. The next morning my finger was substantially bruised, extending beyond just the implantation site.  Both the inflammation and bruising had subsided by day 4, at which point the Dermabond was beginning to wear off enough to start to expose the incision site.  I continued with the aftercare and the outer layer of the incision site essentially dried out and peeled off.  By day 10 my finger externally appeared completely healed.  I'm paranoid about rejection, so I continued with the aftercare for 3 weeks with a tapered use of covering (band aid or steri-strips).  It now looks like the magnet is extremely close to the surface of the skin, which has given me amazing sensitivity but doesn't help with rejection-paranoia.  

Here's the healing progress over the course of 24 days: 
[1. Immediately following implantation- the black is sharpie marking the site; 2. Next morning, extremely bruised; 3. Day 4, bruising mostly subsided, glue beginning to flake off; 4. Day 10, bruising and inflammation gone, insertion site peeling; 5. ~3 Weeks; 6. Day 24, magnet appearing closer to surface] 



  • I recently implanted my own, only 5 days ago now. I can feel the microwave faintly from a very short distance away, I think my sensation is going to be very minimal because i may have implanted it too far from the nerve center. I can lift paperclips though.

    My incision was brutal and it sounds like yours looked way worse than mine. There was never any bruising with mine, just a tiny cut. 
  • Is yours healing okay? Has the incision site closed over?

    He actually did an amazing job with the incision, it was really clean, there was no blood and there is next to no scar.  The bruising is honestly probably because I'm anemic.   
  • My incision site is clean and uninfected. It isn't nearly as sore as it was on day one. My implant actually caused a bit of a stir on the forums because my procedure was a bit retarded, here's a link if you're interested:

    I may take another picture later today, but so far the magnet is still well below the skin and the cut is barely sore, only know it's there when i bump it.

    Yours looks very nice though, it looks like it healed well. I can't wait for it to be finished healing, I'd love to be able to play with it :D
  • I got my magnet professionally inserted by Brian Decker on December 29. I, too, was very paranoid during the healing process, so I took daily pictures. I've just created an imgur gallery with a selection of these photos:

    I don't know if my healing process was typical, but I did have some bruising, and a significant amount of peeling skin.
  • @Chase561 your video was brutal, but it looks like it's healing rather well! Think your sensitivity is about the same?

    @tekniklr Exact same thing! It's comforting that you had some bruising too, strange how it expands so far past the implant location in both of our cases.  Also, mine did the same thing where it peeled along the incision, which was incredibly scary at the time.  When all is said and done, yours looks amazing(: No further issues?
  • The lump in my finger where the magnet is has stayed more prominent over time than I expected. It doesn't get painful anymore when I bump it on something and for the most part I can forget it's there, but if I accidentally touch it to some silverware, or move that finger too close to the magnetic closure in my bag, or to the magnet in my watch charger it can be quite uncomfortable for a while.

    I think the sensitivity to fields may have actually gone down slightly over the past few months, but I might just have gotten used to them. No drastic loss of sensitivity or anything.
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