cultural questions

hey guys
 I'm new here and I'm also interested in the cultural side of biohacking so i got so questions I'd love for someone to answer.
1) who are public figures that are active in the biohacking community?
2)when did you start biohacking \ how old ?
3) who do you admire ?
4) what are your biggest fantasies?
5) what is your favorite book on the subject?

thanks in advance   


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    I'll give my opinions, but they're probably not quite what you're looking for.
    1) People here. @cassox is the first that comes to mind. @AlexSmith too. Some others whose exact names I can't think of off the top of my head.
    2) When? Uh... A while ago... though I'll admit to not having any actual implants at this time. Still in the process of getting that done. (A while being several months, but my interest has gone on for over a year (but not two, not really).) 21
    3) Uh... don't know if I can answer that with anyone biohacking related.
    4) Something cyberpunky. The exact details would take too long to explain.
    5) Does Wikipedia count? If yes, then "Wikipedia". If no, then "Haven't read any actual 'books, on the subject.'"
    You're welcome.

    EDIT: Fixed a couple odd mistakes, missing an apostrophe and the appearance of "wife" where there shouldn't have been. (My iPhone has a very odd autocorrect system.)
  • Ok I'll take a stab. I also have to say I don't align with the "traditional" view of the biohacking movement which kind of leaves my opinions on the outside of the grinder community with transhumanism.

    1) Amal, cassox, alexsmith, Kevin Warwick, guy running for US president (transhumanist party), chironex. Sorry if I missed people. Each one of these people are, in one way shape or form, in the public eye. I think you need to be more specific what form you mean by public figure.

    2) shortly after high school/ at the end of it. My interest was very small and more curiosity about robotics and syfy related then anything. I got my first one last winter/fall.

    3) I admire the people who are able to do more then simply discuss projects and are able to physically do them.

    4) Nothing that should be shared on this board ;)

    5) I,cyborg by Kevin Warwick. That was my first true introduction to the subject.
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