Just implanted my first magnet



  • I guess what I'm trying to say is that if anything, Chase561 should be the one to write up his results. He could discuss where he ran into issues.. talk about where he knows he went wrong, what he'd do differently, and then if he was open to discussion we could talk about it. Having a "Horror Gallery" does a few negative things. For one, it's kind of an attack. We all started somewhere. Me too. My first implant took me like an hour and it wasn't pretty. I've also made a few mistakes on others. I did a flexible RFID on Doug from Dangerous Minds that still makes me feel terrible. I assumed that over time it would mould to the shape of the finger. A corner was projecting off the edge of his finger but I closed it up that way.. I saw him next like 2 years later.. and while it was still in his finger it looked so bad. Just.. fucked. I also had to pull a magnet someone else implanted once.. the shit was crazy deep. Like lodged under a digitorum tendon deep.. although it wasn't my mistake it took me nearly 40 minutes to finally get it out and it wasn't pretty work. I took these mistakes to heart, analyzed every aspect of it, and have never repeated any of it. A horror gallery would only make me feel like shit but I doubt it would shame me into becoming better.
    Also, it is basically giving those who want to fuck with us ammunition. Take a look at this article: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8413773/dr-evil-tattoo-split-tongue-sliced-nipple-removed-ears-customer-consent/
    A friend sent it to me this morning. This dude is being tried due to stuff we take for granted. Sure, I don't cut off ears and I don't reside in the same country.. but something like this could happen here as well. If we had a gallery of mistakes.. it make a case like this. So, I personally don't think it would be beneficial.

  • Good point. I realize I should't throw stones, my house is very thin glass!
    @Chase561 I'm sorry for insulting your first efforts. I'll be more cognizant next time guys!

  • No big deal. I don't think anyone took it as malicious. Sometimes I see stuff people have done or advise others to do and i have to stop myself from being a major asshole.
  • My magnet is still there, it has been there for nearly four years now. It has no strength anymore, I can only lift a staple and that’s just barely. That’s down from being able to lift 5-7 paperclip a at a time strung out. But I’ve never had any issues and I’ve smashed it many times working
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