Just implanted my first magnet

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I started looking around for a magnet in late 2015, with absolutely no luck. Went away for like 10 months and missed a big batch of m31's (my dream magnet), so I settled for a haworth magnet instead.

It came in the mail today and I quickly set up my workstation and began cutting. It was literally hell, and I made a huge mistake not using any numbing agent other than ice water, because it hurt like a bitch. I had to go back and widen the hole three times, and by the second time my vision was swimming and I thought I was going to lose consciousness. At one point I accidentally scraped my bone with the tip of the knife, which was unintended, and it felt like nails on a chalkboard - except I was the chalkboard. Almost vomited right there. It took four total insertions of the blade to actually make a hole of the right proportions to fit the magnet. Somehow I plopped the magnet in, but I ended up just bandaging it rather than using stitches because I was in too much pain and too lightheaded to continue hurting myself.

It's been about six hours since it went in now and the skin has sealed back up over the wound. I took a video, but for various reasons including me being a pussy and my girlfriend being in the frame, I'd rather not post it. I'll update on how the magnet fares in a month or two, if I remember to come back.


  • Did you spend any time planning this out? I mean, it sounds like you'll be lucky if it didn't reject.

    I thought Haworth only sold to professionals....
  • You scraped bone?? That's pretty hardcore for no numbing agents. You definitely didn't need to go that far, and hopefully you did not cause any lasting nerve damage.
  • I had it all planned out in my head, but it's a big difference between plans and reality sometimes, I found out the hard way that I really wasn't ready to perform surgery on myself. If I had to do it again Id do it professionally

    I can be sure that the wound is clean, and infection isn't a huge risk here. I just have to hope that I did it right. I didn't put the magnet as far as the bone, it's just that the tip of the narrow knife touched the bone, trying to make a hole deep enough for the magnet
  • You're sure it's clean? So, you did involve some form of sterilization,
    right? Sterilization more effective than fire and vodka?

    I get that not every grind is going to be perfect, and most of us here are working with limited resources. I personally /adore/ that facet of many of the projects here. But please, for the sake of all you revere, take time to research. Take time not just to plan, but plan more thoroughly. Consider your risks and mitigate them.
  • No, it was literally fire and rum. Propane torch, got the blade red hot, dipped it to cool it, and just started cutting. Had the finger soaped clean then held in the ice water, it was never going to be perfect but it came out pretty well. I did a bit of research, but in the end I decided to take a calculated risk with it.

    I've been redressing it with gauze and antibiotic ointment every six hours, cleaning it carefully each time. Now it's a waiting game. Fingers crossed :P
  • image

    In all seriousness though, definitely keep a very close eye out for infection. Do you have plans to document the healing? Like, a picture a day or so? Infection risk aside, I have a feeling the depth will make a rough heal. It'll be interesting to see how it progresses.
  • Ill probably take a picture next time I change the bandaging, and I'll document the rejection/infection if it should occur. I plan to give it at least a week before removing it if it gets infected or begins to reject, I dont think I have the skill or will to try implanting it a second time should it fail.
  • lol BirdMachine - a vodka bottle is only good as a sharps container, not as 
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    Exactly why it's my example as, well, a bad approach :p I'm guessing rum would be even worse, given the sugars in it? I mean, worse relatively. 
  • I didn't realize an individual could buy the Haworth magnets but it looks like you can. 


    It looks like these magnets do not come already sterile.  What method was used to sterilize it?

    I would expect problems with this implant but I hope we get the updates good or bad on how this turns out. 

    I wish someone would keep adding to the Wiki pages.  There are lots of blank pages there that could be filled with at least an example of the right way this sort of thing should be done.
  • It's in his FAQ that says he will only sell to professionals....
  • He accepted my payment, dunno what to say. Were there good video tutorials, I would have watched one before going at it. I just inspected the wound and it looks totally fine, no swelling or redness, just a cut as you might imagine. Here is an imgur album http://m.imgur.com/a/dop6o

    Taken about twenty four hours post.
  • Did you use anything as a guide?

  • Ok I'm pretty sure I know your answer but I want to be 100%....your kidding or not with using torch and rum?
  • I also recently implanted my first magnet, I had one of my buddies do the cutting the first time, but we were both pretty hesitant about the whole pain aspect. He didn't cut deep enough the first time and me being an amateur, allowed it to begin healing. Eventually I realized that it wasn't exactly healing correctly so I widened the incision and it seemingly fit fine. Its healing right now actually, seems to be doing much better. Btw how long should it take for the wound to heal? I have a rough idea, but i would like an experienced opinion.   
  • We need a test dummy to implant magnets that are sterilized by different liquors....
  • You WHAT? Your eyes were swimming and you almost lost conscious and you KEPT GOING???

    I am shocked by this. At that point the whole thing should have been aborted. Heck, when the pain got too much it should have been aborted way before that point. You have been severely distracted by the pain and you risked a lot of harm to yourself.

    I hope that you're lucky, because osteomyelitis is not fun. Getting septic shock is NOT FUN. I haven't heard anyone getting serious complications from magnet implants yet. I hope it doesn't start with you.
  • I checked it again while changing the bandages and it still looks perfectly fine. No swelling, redness or fluids leaking. I think I dodged the bullet.

    I did want to stop when my vision was swimming but at that point I knew if I quit I'd never get back on the horse, and this was a dream of mine so I just pressed on after sitting for a minute.
  • And no, I didn't use a guide, and the rum and torch thing is not a joke. I had no other supplies available.
  • Dafuq? How old are you? I'm just trying to figure out if you had to raid daddy's liquor supply. We could probably get a GoFundMe going to replenish his supply before he will notice lol
  • I'm 19 but I didn't raid anyone's liquor supply, I had the bottle sitting around
  • jfc, this might need to be in some hall of fame along with the mushroom computer, along the lines of "Don't be this kid" -.- Seriously. Irresponsible bloodbaths like this could kill you, and bring the entire community down with you should some zealous regulation types decide your mistakes have made this whole thing too dangerous. I mean, I guess you get points for gouging a hole in yourself far beyond what you body was willing to put up with. I mean, incredible levels of pain, bloodloss, suffering, sepsis, fever, infection, and death is wayyyy better than being a dreaded 'pussy' or 'bitch' -.-

    You say you planed, but then you didn't even use a guide? How can you take a 'calculated risk' when the calculating part never happened? Didn't look up alcohol sterilization once (guessing not, since you clearly missed how bad of an idea that is)? What was this 'planning'? Did it consist of waking up one day and going "Well fuck I guess it's time to bore a hole in my flesh without taking two minutes to look up the word magnet?" Because honestly that even sounds more prepared than this cascade of fuckery.
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    I, for one, hope that everything turns out OK. Buuuut you might wanna get some triple antibac or something for next time at least.

    EDIT: At the very least use alcohol at 50%+ alcohol content, and remember that it is not a sterilizing agent, only a disinfectant.
  • Here's a link to some Disinfectant and Sterilization Recommendations.

    It is from a veterinary site but should sill be relevant to human animals.

    What surprised me was the amount of time required.  Also, the need to "Rinse with sterile water or saline prior to use on animal tissues." was something I hadn't considered before.

    I can't imagine the rum being real good if 70% ethyl alcohol, 70-99% isopropyl alcohol is "NOT ACCEPTABLE AS A PRIMARY DISINFECTANT. Not a high-level disinfectant, alcohols must be used in conjunction with an iodophore or chlorhexidine."

    At the bottom of the linked page, it lists a 2 minute immersion time for tools cleaned in 70% isopropyl alcohol for the tools.

    That being said, I have used a torch to sterilize a scalpel before.  This was NOT for surgery but still needed to be free from any contamination.  I heated the blade glowing hot and cooled it in clean rubbing alcohol and then reflamed the blade to burn off the alcohol.  It worked most of the time but, surprisingly, the alcohol didn't always kill everything and spores sometimes survived if the jar of alcohol was contaminated.

  • The blade was sterilized, of that I'm sure. Most of the blade became literally red hot before it entered my skin. The wound at 42 hours post is still uninfected and painless. Each time it had to reenter my skin I repeated the heating and cooling process. The magnet sat in the rum for over an hour, and the rum was cut partially with concentrated hydrogen peroxide. I threw in the rum for kicks

    I had a reasonable expectation and knew generally how deep to go, and the magnet itself is not bone deep, the blade was just so long that it did happen to reach that point. I couldn't tell where it was while my finger was numb from ice.

    And really lol a Darwin Award? Pls. I'll keep you updated as best I can since you're all so infuriated lol. I've been keeping the wound clean in frequently changed bandages and continue to apply triple antibiotic ointment with each bandage change, I think I'll be alright and I wouldn't call it a miracle if that is the truth
  • Considering how most of us have been accidentally cut with all kinds of dirty "tools", it won't surprise me if this implanted magnet heals up.

    I know I have been cut open by lots of rocks, sticks, and rusty bits of metal and survived with only a few scars. 

    Keep watching it and keep it clean.  I mean, right or wrong, it is already done.  Now just wait and see how it turns out.
  • Wow. So I was wrong thinking you were joking....please for the love of God post that video. I need to see this in action. Get a free video editor and blur the girls face if you care that much.

    I'm not really sure why it's a big deal to have your girl in frame or how much of a bitch you look like in video the fact that if you did actually do everything and have happen everything you have said then your a tough son of a bitch....a dumb, impatient, risky tough son of a bitch.

    Post the video PLEASE.
  • OK. Fuck it. I have an enourmous guide about half finished. I'll make it my priority now.
  • #_#

    Please post the video.

    Please keep it sealed with triple antibiotic ointment. Please do not agitate, play with the magnet, or expose it to any mechanical stress.

    Photograph and watch it like crazy.

    PLEASE READ MORE THINGS. C_C PLEASE. For your own benefit.

    Wish for the best! ^^
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    >mfw injectable Xylocaine and prepackaged single use sterilized scalpels are available online, but OP uses a blowtorch and liquor.


    Also, keeping trible-bac on the implant site constantly as Zerbula suggests is ill advised.  After the first couple of days the wound is healed from the outside and topical antibiotics do not penetrate the skin and by doing so you only increase the risk of rejection due to not keeping the site clean and dry as it goes through the healing process.
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