Body Hacking Con plans?

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So uh, who's going? Anyone want to start taking about sharing rooms etc? Any one looking to have procedures done while there?


  • Oh nice, it's local to me. That means I can actually go. Definitely signing up as soon as I can. Looks fun as hell and can't wait to see some of the speakers.
  • I'll definitely be in on this! Direct flights between Boston and Austin aren't ridiculously priced :D Also up for room sharing. I can sleep pretty much anywhere so I don't mind a crowded room.

    Is there anything specific to this con we should bring or plan for?
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    When and Where is the convention?

  • January of next year, in Austin, TX.
  • Sorry to get a bit off topic here, but are there, or will there be, any sort of bio hacking convention on the east coast? NYC would be great...
  • we are trying to get something together for the east coast. it will, at the earliest, be next year. 
  • I will be at BodyHackingCon! <3
  • I'll be there and very down for room sharing!
  • i'll be there since well i live in austin. hopeful to see some new magnets available.
  • I know I'm still newish here and not known well enough to prove I'm not a serial killer, but if anyone needs a place to stay, I've got two rollaway beds in the upstairs room. I'm in San Antonio, but it's only an hour's drive to Austin. We're non-smokers, but don't mind people smoking as long as it's outside. We do have four cats, so I don't recommend anyone stay with us if cat allergies are a problem.

    Thought I'd offer in case someone was short on funds for a hotel. I promise we're not axe murderers, just middle aged nerds.
  • Is anyone from the east coast going? I'm in VA and would love to go but not by myself, and unfortunately, i don't think that anyone from my friend group would be interested
  • damn its in the middle of my work set. and im all out of holidays. Is this a annualthing or is it more then once a year? 
  • It's annual. They also seem to be looking at other locations so they may buff up in the future. Worth the trip.
  • I'll second that. It was an absolute blast last year, I'd highly suggest going. I'm bummed I won't be able to make it this year, but will try and make it next year
  • I'll be there and would also like to split a room with people
  • Those of you who have last year's experience, please tell me if I can get magnet and other stuff in The Hub section (which is free)
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