First post - implant as digital input(think bottlenose)

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Hey everyone, it's my first post here, and I am excited to be a part of this community of trailblazers. 

So here's what I'm thinking - after seeing how niel harbisson developed Sonochromitism because of his augmentation, and possibly seeing something about using wearables with haptic feedback to develop an innate sense of magnetic north, I had an idea.

Using a magnetic implant as an input in a similar way to the bottlenose, but sending data from the internet via a device tethered to a smartphone connected to a coil, perhaps we could develop an innate sense of whatever data we choose to relay.

The device itself should be trivial to build, even for someone with my meager skills so my questions are 

1) what information would you deem worthy of 24/7 awareness? The idea fascinates me, but I can't actually think of anything I'd want to know so intimately


2) how complex do you think the information related could be? For example, do you think Morse code could eventually become intuitive knowledge if it were related through vibrations in your flesh instead of sound? If so, do you think it would be more effective to initially cause the device to simply relay each keystroke you make on your laptop or phone via Morse code to make it easier to draw the connection between language and the vibrations?


  • You could make it a wristband with a Bluetooth connection and have that pulse the information to a magnet.

    The only thing I then say is why not just make the band the haptic device if you need to wear it for it to work anyway?

    I do like the idea for Morse code and that would be completely possible. It would be longer pulses and shorter/quicker. Or however you would want it set up. I personally have issues with the magnetic north devices which I will try and casually ignore. I cannot think of anything that I would want to have 24/7 information on in this sense however.

    I will say that the Pokémon go plus uses vibration to indicate 7 different things that happens. They are different lengths and spread vibrations and I have actually learned which one is actually what.
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    Neil did not develop synesthesia from his implant and does not like describing what he has done as such. Sonochromitism is what he prefers and talks about it here:
  • Thank you for your clarification, aightden, i will look into this video, and edit the original post to reflect it.

    Meanderpaul, that's what i'm planning on (the bluetooth wristband).
     the reason i would rather use the implant, it seems to me that vibrations emanating from within your flesh would be more easily integrated into your perceptions than ones coming directly from an external device. i have no evidence to support that claim, just my hypothesis. 
    The pokemon go plus thing is encouraging, but i still can't think of anything i'd like to know 24/7. Would you mind elaborating on your taking issue with magnetic north devices? i am legitimately curious. 

    as an aside, unfortunately niantic locked out root users and the root method that works with pokemon go doesn't seem to be compatible with my Note 4. It's a shame, i very much enjoyed pokemon go. 
  • put real simply I believe you can train yourself without the need of an implant to find north plus you try and use this in city's, urban areas, bike, car, a building, near a significant power source, even near large boulders (yes a big rock) and you will have interference.

    Train your brain it will be more effective.
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