Grinders in Europe

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Hi there,
(sorry for my bad english)

I am a photographer based in Switzerland. I've been working on the transhumanist movement for almost two years. 
My project will be published in a book next year. 

I've visited big labs, met some famous people related to this topic. But the more I work on this project, the more I think that
the grinders are the most interesting community because of it's political dimension: rather than letting majors seize the whole
market, you are creating the DIY solutions that could prevent a gap in the body augmentation context between rich and poor.
The spirit, is different and I like it. 

As you may have guessed, I'd like to meet you. At first, I'm looking for people in Europe. I'll also travel in the US but not before a few months.

You can contact me via the forum or via the mail above if you want to see the pictures I already did for this project.


matthieu.gafsou "at"



  • Not sure who's all in Europe, but I'm in Sacramento, CA if you find your way this way!
  • Great, thanks, I'll let you know!
  • That is a *Beautiful* shot of an implantable chip :O Really excited to see what your project will look like in the end!
  • Im kinda having the same problem, but i live in the nothern-ish part sweden and people here seems more adverse to change than most. (there are actually sayings about it..)
  • I doubt you'll find yourselves in "Mormonville" Utah but if you do I'm willing to meet up and give my experiences with the grinder movement.
  • I'm from southern Italy, yet I doubt I'd be quite an interesting addition to your experiences with grinders: I'm quite new to this world, still researching a lot whilst planning on my first self-done implants.
  • Denmark here, can't quite call myself a grinder yet. Two chips are under way to me and should hopefully be implanted within a couple of weeks.

    I'm full of ideas for other projects, just have to take it step by step for now :)
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  • Thanks Frank, 
    I've already photographed some of them... But I'm looking for the anonymous people, not the famous ones, which are easy to meet. 

    Fluax and Ordnael: keep me informed if possible!

    Still searching...


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