How secure is Mifare NTAG216 RFID tag?

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How secure is NTAG216 RFID tag?

Hello everyone, I am planning to use an implantable Mifare NTAG216 tag to open doors/locks. I am concerned about security and mainly about how easy is to copy such tag. I couldn't find an implantable tag witch offer cryptography, only 32bit password protection which I think is quite weak. How can I go about using an implantable tag to open secure doors/lock without having to worry about clonability of the tag?

I know that even if a have strong house door someone can just break a window but please think only about tag security (mainly because I have no windows in that place :P )




  • Well if you take your hand and stick it on my cloner it's not very safe.
  • Things aren't like the movies, those tags can only be read from a few inches at most. It's not like someone can snipe your tag data off you from across the room, and government satellites certainly can't even tell you have one.
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    I would be more concerned about someone cutting off my hand to get into my house than getting the tag cloned.. If you don't mind being extreme, then you can always deny service to the tag with a Faraday cage at times that you don't intend on scanning it.. Wrapping yourself with tinfoil would work, although you need to be careful about the coverage because if it doesn't have a proper seal there is a slight possibility that it could begin to act as a parabolic antenna, or perhaps some other possibly irregular RF reflection type.  For someone that worked in a SCIF all day with a high-level of confidence surrounding their trust with coworkers (although non-trusted entities would kind of defeat the point of a SCIF), then it wouldn't be a problem.. You might want to take a look at or if you need something more complex maybe skim Try not to get sucked into the gang-stalking paranoia! =P~ The scary truth is that a small percentage of that community happen to be the most inventive ones around when it comes to creative tinfoil hatting..
  • This has been talked to death on many many threads and from your post I think you've seen some. Why bring it up again?
  • You are right, i am probably over-concerned about this aspect. Is that i just don't want to deal with such a situation if it happens. 

    Sorry for the post 
  • First tip. Don't go around telling the world, "my hand opens my locks like magic". Think of it like an ordinary key. You don't go dangling those in front of people and saying "this opens my house where the valuables are stored" do you? Chances are, if anyone even notices the implant, they won't also care to clone it to silently enter your house.
  • If you're paranoid enough to wrap your hand up in tin foil you need to make a matching hat to go with it.  You know, to keep da gubmint out.
  • @ightden Wouldn't even need to make one--they've been commercialised already:

  • Looks interesting!! But I don't know how to make it fit on my hand. Hum...

    Joking obviously
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