Hardpoint on the Skin

I was thinking earlier about fingernails.

People use their fingernails to do a lot of really cool things. Some just paint them, but others like to do things like glue little jewels and the like onto them. What if you could use your nails as a place to mount a temporary thing, like a magnet or something? If you glued a magnet on, and it vibrated, would you be able to feel it? 

I think this might be a cool way to introduce my friends to magnets without freaking them out. What do yall think?


  • A couple people have said that a magnet on the fingernail does provide some sensation. Just keep in mind that you will need a larger magnet than those used for implanting. Fortunately, you can find those anywhere.
    Check out the Try It Before You Buy It thread [Link] which was meant to give people a taste of grinding without breaking the skin.
  • I have tried gluing and taping magnets to my fingers before.  I never had much luck fixing the magnet to a finger nail but maybe with a bigger magnet it would work better. 

    A little glue holding a magnet to my finger tip (or side of a finger tip) seemed to give the best feeling. 

    Using tape instead of glue can work but it is harder to get it right.  You can't just tape the thing down because it needs to move enough to be able to feel it.  Feeling the magnetic field of a permanent magnet is pretty easy.  Feeling the oscillating field from a power adapter is a little harder but more interesting and potentially useful.  I can't feel every power adapter but that "ability" is what makes me want the actual implanted magnet.

  • I've heard that using a magnet ring works. 

    I'm not sure it would work, but if you have dreadlocks or braid your hair, you could braid in neodymium beads. You'd probably need quite a few though.
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