Alternative Haptics & Sensory Augmentation

So, haptics. Using vibrations for haptics is boring and ineffective. We've all missed vibrating alerts because it feels like everything else. I've been wanting to build a device like the Sensebridge Northpaw but on the back half of my head where wraparound headphones would go but I'm just not into the vibrating haptics. 

Instead, I'd love to use small amounts of electrical current, like from a 1.5v to 300v transformer pushing only around .5-1 milliamps (just like a xenon transformer without a capacitor.) You know what stands out from everything else you feel, electrical current. 

And so I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have tiny electrical haptics build on the same form factor as addressable individual or strip leds? And then maybe addressable vibrator motors and addressable thermoelectric components? This sort of component could make individual wearable projects more accessible. A lot of really cool sensory equipment is already available in a format that's arduino compatible: 

This all seems fairly straightforward from my lay perspective but what am I missing? Would anyone be into a group buy if we wanted to have a bunch of these components fabricated?


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