Hypothetical Data Storage in B Cells

Okay, so obviously this a very hypothetical discussion as someone would need to develop some sort of tech to extract and read the data in order tonjust develop the tech that can also "write" the data.

I was thinking about how one could tell the immune system to ignore a certain material or other organism (which goes back to my idea to implant an independent organism to serve one of many functions). In thinking about all this, I thought about how the immune system in most mammals had a sort of "memory" that identifies previously encountered diseases. I thought, "what if we could 'identify' a custom made disease, thereby remembering the disease structure and using that method to store data".

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'll admit that the whole process by which B Cells go about remembering diseases is somewhat complicated and I don't understand it very well. I did think that it's a wild idea that I doubted anyone here had come up with before, so I bought I'd bring it up for discussion. I'all point out that I tend to feel that inorganic technology is easier to scientifically test and experiment with and as a result easier to develop and more reliable to use, so if given the choice, I'd rather have some sort of implanted electronic mass storage device, not my immune system idea, but... discussing it anyways.


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    the store the data in memory helper t and b cells in lymphnodes 
     watch this to understand :

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