Feel the presence of objects around you

Basically, my idea is to implant magnets throughout the body so that when an object is moving towards or away from you, or you are moving towards or away from it, a network of motion sensors on you clothes vibrate the magnet closest to that object. So, eyes on the back of your head. And on your feet. And back. And hands. Does anybody have any ideas on how to improve this?


  • Do the magnets work in places other than your finger tips?  I was under the impression that you couldn't feel them in other places like your arm.

    MAYBE, with a coil close enough, you would feel the magnet move though.  Other than glued on magnets, I have no experience yet.
  • Why do you need to implant magnets for this? If you're already wearing clothes with sensors, battery, wiring, coil for the magnets, etc. then it makes sense to just use a vibrating motor or something in place of a coil and implanted magnet.

    Magnets would work, but they are usually implanted in the fingers because those have a high nerve density and so it's easy to feel small movements. On your back you could still feel a magnet, but I think it would need to move a lot more (which takes more power.)

    Also, you'll probably want proximity sensors instead of motion sensors, and not a huge network of them. If I were you I'd make a simple proof of concept on the back of a glove or back of a shoe.
  • @rpyka, I agree with everything you said.
    People are eager to copy the Bottlenose but I don't get it. I built a distance sensor that relayed information to an electromagnet and it was cool for a couple minutes but I preferred the second version with a simple vibrating motor. My friend LOVED the cyborg version and has started on his own version that has a much more advanced methodology of vibrating the magnet. So maybe I'm missing something.
    I absolutely think that proximity sense is a cool project but I'm not sure that implanted magnets are the best feedback mechanism.
    @Finn333, perhaps you could build a pair with vibrating motors to rest on your shoulders then see how much you like them. If vibrating motors don't give you enough control try chattering a low-voltage relay. The relay lets you control the frequency to a fine degree.
  • Thank you for your comments. I think you are right. I am, as I have said in other discussions, highly opposed to implants. So, I am glad that you have found another idea.
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    Here is some code to get you started.
    It uses cheap distance sensors, an Arduino UNO, and a vibrating motor. Let me know if you want links to any of those parts.

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