The Lucid Dreamer

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I was looking through my feed on Facebook and found "The Lucid Dreamer" Kickstarter project shared from a lucid dreaming page I follow.
It uses EEG to detect when you are dreaming and uses tACS to enhance gamma activity in your brain, which is supposed to make you lucid. They say it induces lucidity in 77% of dreams. Looks really promising, honestly. I would probably give money to the Kickstarter or buy it afterwards if it didn't cost so much. 

Thoughts about this? Possible scam or literally an amazing invention? 


  • I can't tell you if it's a scam or not, but this thing sounds amazing! I'll definitely be keeping up with this.
  • I have been trying something much simpler and cheaper to induce lucid dreams.

    I made a simple sleep mask with a couple flashing LEDs on a timer.  I have NOT had any real lucid dreams using this device.  The first problem was that it wasn't real comfortable to wear and sometimes fell off during the night.  That should be an easily fixable problem though.

    One of the first nights I used the device, I did have a dream where I was wearing the mask.  It never clicked in that I was dreaming until I woke up though.  Even if/when something happens to me during a dream like being able to "float" a long ways (not exactly flying but close), it still doesn't click that it is a dream.  Even impossible things seem real in a dream when they happen.  Sure, I know I shouldn't be able to fly but, when it happens, I've never questioned if I was dreaming.

    Last night I became aware that I was dreaming but it was in between sleeping and waking up.  I was still dreaming but just barely.

    I think the idea behind the kickstarter could work but it is very expensive.  I have a feeling it wouldn't work for most people but I hope I'm wrong.  I also see they still need over $50K or it won't happen.
  • It's debatable that the price would be worth it with the results they had. I could see people doing this themselves with the current, but that's something I've objected to for myself.
  • I would just say learn to enter it by meditation....
  • Reading "A Field Manual to Lucid Dreaming" was everything I've ever needed to achieve that.
    Moreover, being a student highly interested in neurophysiology, I'm much skeptical about the way this device plans on inducing lucid dreaming.
  • I was also skeptical, but it's not too different from what people, especially in the bio hacking community, are doing all the time.
  • Haha I finally read this post. My wife brought this up to me the other day. She thought it would interest me and wanted to know if it worked and was real
  • I question if tACS may be two random for this to be effective.... If you must use a non natural means of entering, I would try drugs known to lock people in these states....
  • The kickstarter has funded 74k out of its goal of 100k with more than a month to get to that point. I'm pretty sure it's getting funded.
  • The price is too high for me but I look forward to all the reviews if/when all the funders start getting the devices around April of 2017.

    I have a feeling it doesn't work for a lot of people but I hope I'm wrong. 
  • There's a warning on their kickstarter about people under the age of 18 using the device. All the other ones make sense to me (pregnant, heart problems, ect.) but would it be harmful to brain development for someone under 18 to use it? 
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