Small Implanted Virtual Screen on Forearm

I have been working on idea for some time now, and wanted to get some feedback. Basically The idea is to put a small virtual projector using an infrared laser, a very small projector and a infrared camera in a small housing the width of a forearm and have it display a screen using Bluetooth. It would be mounted on the forearm using 2 surface barbells and a small Bluetooth transceiver implanted subdermally. The Bluetooth transceiver would require a small wire running up the arm to one of the barbells which would basically be a small pipe and would connect at the hinge to the projector, camera and laser. The entire setup would be waterproof and very simple. The external housing would contain a rechargeable battery, charged using a waterproof micro usb. The projector would fold into a small rectangle, and when needed would flip up at a 27° angle to project onto the forearm. I am a programmer, and tinker by trade and I was looking at virtual keyboards and tech like this
I thought it would be an interesting project. I have always loved the idea of biohacking and having a mountable display on your forearm with touch capabilities. Well what do you think? I have drawings and sketch-ups if you are having a hard time visualizing what I am trying to describe. I was also thinking about throwing my project up on kickstarter.


  • Why not just get a watch strap and make a version you wear on your wrist? Or just get a smart watch?

    It sounds neat, but with the barbells and surface piece it doesn't sound much better than a smartwatch. Especially since I'm a bit careless and snagging that on something (like putting on my shirt) sounds painful.

    Maybe I'm just not picturing it right, though.
  • Well I honestly though about that. And I planned on making it pretty tight. It would come with a small hex key to tighten it slightly/ or loosen it once the barbells are in place. I mean you could, but I thought part of the allure of it was it's a low profile multi tool projector built into you. I was also thinking about putting a small vibrate motor on the Bluetooth chip to alert you, and maybe to even set up as an alarm clock. 
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    Just gonna leave this here.....

  • Please post some of you sketches. I'm pretty sure I know what your describing but visual is always better.

    When you say pipe do you mean an open tube going from the outside to inside of your skin?
  • That video was great by the way.
  • In regards to input devices for it, as opposed to touch could you set up an array in or on the arm/hand that takes movements or their electrical impulses of the hand and converts it into characters in device? Say thumb up =a, thumb flex=b etc etc Just one of the things floating in my head.  
    I drew up a pretty basic non technical. To help with understanding what I am trying to explain.
  • Thanks for the drawing, although more angles and some kind of scale might help, I'm still not sure how big this thing is or what's happening under the skin.

    Anyway, I'm still not sure that what you're doing is any better than a smartwatch since it still has a surface component. Either way, a good approach for anything like this is to first build a prototype that's fully external and make sure it works. After you've got that, then you can focus on miniaturizing, bioproofing, and implanting it.
  • It's worth keeping in mind that surface barbells are considered temporary piercings and nearly always reject. This is more likely when they are in a place where the skin moves a lot, or where they can snag on clothing (or, presumably, electronics).
  • Tekniklr, true but repeircing them has a very low rejection rate.

    Think that should help
  • Still not gonna work.  Get a smart watch.  
  • I like the enthusiasm for the idea, but I'm afraid I have to agree, transdermal implants just aren't ready for any sort of long term testing yet. Also, I have to agree with others' opinions, if it has an external component, what purpose exactly is the subdermal component serving?
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