Bio hacking to solve migraines

 Has anyone found anything that could cure migraines yet? I'm not very familiar with Supplements and things like it. So I was wondering if any new thing has been developed for headache relief yet.


  • this is actually an interesting thought. I was in a Piercing studio a few days ago and my wife brought up the tragus as a pressure point for migraines. she was curious about all the talk about a piercing maybe helping this problem. she get chronic migraines that can last up to 2days (longest).

    The piercer says that her acupuncture friend said that a piercing would not help but rather inhibit any possible work by acupuncture or simply working the pressure point. now my thought is maybe a magnet in there that is able to be vibrated like the wireless headphones that @directorx has done may work as an internal massage.

    as far as boots go I'm unaware of any but I'm not very well versed in that side of it. which is why i tagged cassox.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • LSD has been known to stop migraines, though due to the fact that it is illegal, no formal studies have been done and most of what we know about it is based on anecdotal evidence. However, many migraine drugs have similar structure and function to LSD, both acting on serotonin receptors.
  • I have also read that LSD can cure migraines. There is even an episode of House MD Where he induces a migraine with nitroglycerin and uses lsd to stop it. I am not sure how effective it really is but maybe some research here is worth a try if they are plaguing your life.
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    FYI: Lysergic acid (and I've heard some other psychedelics) can also induce labor in pregnant women.  In fact, Hoffman was looking for a drug to do exactly that when he discovered LSD-25 at Novartis.  There are so many urban legends around psychedelics that sometimes it's difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    I thought kids going blind from staring at the sun too long while tripping was an urban legend.  Until SWIM tried watching a sunrise for themselves in that state.  SWIM said the extreme beauty of it made it difficult to look away. 

    Be safe! 
  • Feel like throwing in a good word of advice, it's not a cure, but when I have a migraine (used to happen all the time, less so these days) I'd sit down, take a moment to control my breathing. And clear my thoughts. Which may sound difficult, but my goal was never to not think of anything. Rather to think just of one thing. Usually I pictured the pain in my head moving in waves to the opposite side of my head, provides some relief. My headaches usually start when trying to think about or do too many things at once, I suspect that's why clearing my thoughts helps.

    Might just be me. I'm not typically in to any "mental brain cleaning mumbo jumbo" but this works pretty well to reduce my headaches' severity.
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