Military Biohacking

 Can I get an implant if I'm going into the military?


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    That is a broad question and will depend on 1) inplant, 2) country you will work in (I guess USA?) 3) your clearance level

    1) Magnets and such, sure but it may affect your trigger finger, so consider that
    RFI chips, i guess that would vary

    2) I have no idea, its no problem in most cases where im from.

    3) not if you wish high level security clearance, I doubt they will allow you a portable storage device they cannot take out and look at.

    All this is said based on my own experience and knowledge as a NON US citizen
  • Not sure how true, but I've heard plenty of rumors about special chips designed for military use. Not sure how much of it is BS (probably most) but it's still interesting. 
  • Have you tried simply asking the recruitment people? Seems like a simple question to ask.
  • Would you even want to make that personality trait known?
    As in, the military is alot more about conformity than individuality..
  • i would question getting one if you are looking into a job that's physically demanding. For example, would pull-ups or any other strenuous use of your hands cause a magnet in your finger to move? What if it breaks and you're sidelined from training? It's a risk.

  • If you poke around, you'll see that people don't have issues doing physical stuff. And if it breaks, you just take it out. It's not like your hand falls off.
  • I've been in for 4 years and just did a magnet two months ago. Just make sure it doesn't affect physical activities and don't tell anyone about it
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    I know this is old but I've spent time in the army and afterward got involved in work and exercise I would consider beyond anything I experienced there - with a magnet in my hand. I never had problems with the magnet there so I highly doubt I would have in the service. Having shot firearms similarly during that time period, there would have been zero effect from that either.

    If for whatever reason a magnet failed and rejected, just cut it out and keep the location gauzed and given neosporin. If anyone asks you got a gash somehow. It won't keep you from doing anything, I had an M31 reject just by design and continued my physical training no problem with bandaging on.

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