Nublet's questions

I'm now on a prescribed (after some arguments from me) course of modafinil.. 
And while i felt much energetic and focused in the beginning, it wore off and now are about the same..
It DOES tho curb my microblackout/semi-sleep state of mind in the mornings tho (9:00-13:00), so i kinda dont want to 

Im at a point in my life where i need my mind, but im deep in mind fog, sleep disorder(s(As in delayed sleep phase and free running disorder(its a bitch))), and a huuuuuge problem with focus/energy. (And kinda think my creativity is down a slight bit when im on it, but could be imagining)

So you who are wise in the ways of nootropics.. 
Do i start cycling dry, low, high dose weeks?
Do i compliment?
Do all the nifty side benefits vanish when i cant get to bed for more than 4-6-ish hours a night?
Tips for the frustrated creator of odd things?


  • Standard background needed. Diet, exercise sleep habits.
  • Diet, varied, unfortionately too varied times (see below), coconut oil for the mct in the morning, a low intake of caffeine, on a few pills because depression. 
    (Kinda curious about liver toxicity (as it ties in to sleep disorders/depression)
    Pills: lamotrigin, amitriptylin, sertralin and modafinil for depression.. 
    Ramipril and amlodipin for blood pressure.

    I walk 1 hr week days, 3 hours on weekends. 
    More heavy exersise 2 days a week.

    Sleep... Usually 4-6 hours, perhaps 8-9 weekends.. THis is a huuuuuuge problem for me, i cant get to sleep, i sleep poorly and work (which i'll lose soon) rutines barely keeps my normal rotation at bay. 
    If not working i have delayed sleep syndrome, aka i am most active 14,20 and 02 at the day, not as most people..
    To add insult to injury, those are merely plateu values on the curve, my "normal" dayrythm is 26 hours, thus get sleepy +2 hours later every day.
    (When i fight this, i get increasingly annoying symptoms, first tired, then head ache, then diarrea, nosebleeds and after that i start really feeling ill.)

    Im a mess, but i need to be the true "me" as i am for 2-5 hours when letting my normal dayrytm run rampant, but now at work hours.
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