Magnets and MRI

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I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I do not have a magnet implant, and I do not want one. I am extremely opposed to self-implanted projects unless you have another person who has some form of surgical training and / or a robot arm to perform the implant, a really good sterile environment and tools, anesthetic, and a LOT of R&D into the implant that you are performing. As in, corporate research team amounts of R&D. But, a question that I have had for a while is; what happens if you have a magnet implant, and you need an MRI. It seems like the magnet would be ripped from your finger in the most violent, painful way imaginable. Also, every nerve in your finger would be destroyed in the process, so you wouldn't only forfeit the magnet implant and have a huge wound on your finger, but you would also be unable to feel in the place where feeling is most critical.


  • Doesn't happen that way. Check the search bar and look it up. There are countless threads of people in MRIs with them and in body scanners with the tsa also metal detectors.
  • Actually, let me tell you about the hacks that I have done, just so you know, in order to explain that implants are not necessary.

    - Magnetic ring (responsible alternative to a magnetic implant)

    - Smartphone (I consider this biohacking because it augments a person's awareness)

    - Dextroamphetamine (for energy and focus)

    - Caffeine (for energy and antioxidants)

    - Oxiracetam (nootropic, reacts to enhance the dextroamphetamine)

    - Noopept (nootropic, reacts to control the dextroamphetamine)

    - Fish Oil (omega-3 fatty acids, choline)

    - Paleo / anabolic diet (eat really strict paleo on weekdays, both weekend days are cheat days)

    Also, this is not really an enhancement or any form of biohacking, but I exercise five days a week in order to improve my strength and endurance. Here is my exercise plan.

    - 5 x 5 pull-up

    - 5 x 5 push-up

    - 5 x 5 sit-up

    - 5 x 5 bench press

    - 5 x 5 overhead press

    - 5 x 5 dumbbell squat

    - 5 x 5 dumbbell row

    - 2-4 mile run

    Also, I study academic subjects to improve my cognitive functioning. As a student, I have class materials, but I also study outside of class. For instance

    - Physics

    - Biology (also my major)

    - Chemistry

    - Mathematics (algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, number theory)

    - History

    So, as you can see, I have become an enhanced human through pharmacological enhancement, wearables, and extensive training in many areas. You do not need implants.
  • Ok so I didn't say anything about not needing them I answered you question. Perhaps you shouldn't be on this board if you believe you need none have fun troller.
  • @glims care to lend a hand with the thread.
  • Don't want to discourage chat regarding non-implantable methods of enhancement, but insisting to a collection of people who enjoy building, theorizing, and working with implants that 'just so we know' they're not necessary....
    We know. We can live without them. But that's not what this is about :)
    Original question was addressed and I can only see this devolving into some messy back and forth, so I'm just gonna go ahead and close this.
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