NootBot - smart chatbot assistant for nootropics (feedback)

Hey guys,

Me and 3 other friends have been interested in nootropics for a while and because we are tech freaks we have been developing a nootropics messenger bot, so we would love to hear your feedback (negative is more than welcome!) and thoughts on it. It is not natural language yet, but will be soon. Anyhows, it has a huge database in the backend with the constant deep learning. 

For now it can: tell what to take for a specific effect you want, what to add to your stack (combinations) and tell you the most reliable nootropic vendors based on noots you want to buy and location (it searches among all nootropic vendors on the web). 
Do you think that makes sense? how would you change it??

Here is the link:

if the admin sees this as a spam, he/she can delete it with no hard feelings :)


  • doesn't open :( just spools in the messenger window. sad. i was looking forward to playing with this

  • Glimps,

    It's on messenger for now, because it is the easiest for now. Feel free to play with it :) Just sign in into messenger and chat with him there.
  • You can play with it only with a FB account. :( 
  • for now... it will be on website soon.
  • That's pretty cool! Id suggest adding more detailed info for the different nootropics, link to studies, that sort of thing.
  • I think it would be cool if the bot could do data collection as well. It knows what you're taking and prompts you to take tests. It could collect data regarding substances as well as combinations of substances. If enough people used it you might figure some cool things out.
  • I agree that data collection would be super useful and cool. But do you think that may discourage some users? I feel like you'll get two camps, people who are super into the data collection, and people who refuse to use things that track them.

    That being said, it sounds like a very useful addition. Maybe an opt in thing
  • Data is data. ^^

    Make it voluntary, and what comes in as useful is useful information. c:
  • @Zebula might have the idea for the premium version , that one that is most reliable and it follows you. Data collection is not a problem if there are good privacy settings and protection from Government snooping. 
  • @Aeris yes, we plan to do add as much data as possible. 

    @Cassox that's exactly what we want to do, that it would be your assistant that would trak your dosages and so on... basically a doctor for nootropics. 

    @kuroro86 yeah, we don't want that government / facebook would have any data. That's why it will be on website. 
  • @peter_jamnik I asked it for more information about a supplement and I just offered me shops, which granted I found some extra information from the shops but maybe have it offer information from or something.
    I pm'ed you the transcript.
  • edited September 2016
    Absolute first impressions. The bot tells to agree with terms, but it doesn't link them and I can't seem to find them anywhere.
    I assume its in the terms, but since no one reads those, I'd put a big disclaimer in the first message that NooBot is not intended to replace research, makes no guarantees of safety, and users should do their own research and consult their doctors blah blah blah before taking Nootropics.

    "Focus, energy, and motivation" does not compute. It'd be nice to be able to pick more than one.

    A lot of the data its giving me seems really odd and inconsistent. When I asked for a stack for energy it said I should cut pramiracetam from my stack. When I asked for a single nootropic for energy pramiracetam was one of the main ones listed, and the previous ones it suggested in a stack weren't there at all.
    It also says I should skip phenylpiracetam as part of my energy stack, which is insane to me, because that stuff has been the best energy boost I have found.

    The dosages for phenyl also sound very high. Its been shown to be active in as low as 20mg, but its generally recommended to dose around 100mg because it has such s short half life. The bot suggests 200-600mg.

    The information provided is very very basic, but I can also tell its probably pretty early, you guys are aware of this I'm sure. One thing that would be super nice is if you could aggregate prices from different vendors and give a per gram cost, capped and loose. It can be very time consuming to price shop nootropics when everyone is selling in different quantities.

    I'd also like to see links to research articles like others have suggested, and some of the data such as effects and dosages cited. I'd prefer to see it used more as tool to aid others in research, and less of just "here swallow this".

    It would also be really cool to subscribe to a news feed with various filters and categories. It would be cool to get alerts about new studies that are published for specific drugs.

  • I don't know how I feel about it recommending adrafinil. There is plenty of evidence that it causes liver problems.
  • So does drinking ;)
  • So it would be a good idea to have the appropriate warning I would say.
  • id love to use this but it requires facebook and i really dont want to make an account
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