2 Cyborgs and a Microphone

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@Shankt and I started recording a podcast a few months ago. We've started publishing and we'd love if people would listen, and subscribe if it suits you.
We have been discussing issues that relate heavily to the grinder community all the way from noots to our own implants.
This isn't a sponsored show, we're just taking money out of our own pockets to buy equipment and time out of our day to work on it. We don't have commercials or mention products unless we've used them.

We didn't want to promote this show until we had a chance to record a few episodes and today we uploaded to YouTube so please share this if you think it's worth passing on.



  • Thanks for sharing this and for making the podcasts.  I hope you keep making more and don't just stop like so many other podcasts out there have.

    I look forward to your next episode about TDCS.
  • Thank you, @Birdhandz. We didn't want to do any promoting until we had a few episodes under our belt. As you may have noticed our style became less wooden as we got farther along and that was important for continuing. Another aspect was that we started with very broad topics but that will also fall away. Our later episodes are more specific.
    Our next episode comes out this Saturday.

  • :D

    Will listen soon!
  • @McSTUFF 

    I just finished listening to your latest episode about TDCS.  You guys are doing a great job with the podcast so far.  I can't wait to see what other topics you come up with to talk about.

    It did surprise me that neither one of you guys tried any other montage besides the DARPA one.  I intended to try that one as my first "experiment" with the TDCS device.  I got my right and left sides mixed up because of this picture from  http://totaltdcs.com/


    I did eventually try the official DARPA montage and I prefer the way I first did it with the Anode (+) above my left eye or temple (around position F9) and the Cathode (-) on my upper right arm.  If either one of you (or someone else) is still using the device, you might want to try that positioning.  I can't say exactly what it does for me but it seems to improve my mood and I can stay focused on one task instead of constantly wondering thoughts.  Reminds me of caffeine without the racing heart, shaking hands, or stomach problems.

    I did try reversing the anode and cathode and I didn't like it.  That did seem to produce the opposite effect and I couldn't stay focused on anything.  I still keep trying different positions but seem to always return to the first one I tried.

    I can feel it working after only 5 minutes but normally go for 15  to 30 minutes. 

    Keep up the good work.
  • Just listened to the first few episodes about to listen to the rest later. awesome stuff, keep up the great work guys
  • @Birdhandz, I was a little scared off after I got scars on my head and shoulder. I know more about safety now but I'm a little gun-shy after all this time. If it weren't for my naivety back then I probably would have tried more montages. I was keen on the one that increases the ability to differentiate sound frequency. Maybe I'll give it another go.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

    @MTS, we're glad you like it and thank you.

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    I forgot you actually had burns with scars.  My first tries with the machine I bought with the included electrodes was painful and might have caused burns If I had used it longer like that.

    I contacted the seller and he recommended using a mixture or salt AND baking soda.  I've been mixing 1/4 teaspoon of each with a cup of water.  I'm not sure what the baking soda does (if anything) but using that saline solution along with actual sponges between the electrodes that came with the kit and my skin, it is a lot nicer to use.

    I still need to find my meter to test the bought device as well as the homemade one I have been working on.  I have a feeling my battery is getting weak cause it doesn't feel as strong as it was before.  I left it turned on accidentally one time for an unknown length of time and I think it wore down the battery.  The effects don't seem as strong as they were either.  I assume that would mean that lowering the current is going to make it more comfortable but not as powerful but it might just be the voltage getting too low to stimulate the brain.  Without that meter, I can't say if the current stays at 2mA. even as the voltage drops or not.  The voltage wasn't include in the calculations I did for the resistor values so it makes me think that it might be the voltage getting too low to make it through the skin and bone to get to the brain.  It would also explain why many designs use higher than 9 volts.

    I look forward to your next podcast, I think it is on safety.  That sounds like good information to know if you might be thinking of even minor "home surgery".  Even a tattoo needs clean tools and techniques plus aftercare to keep clean without infection.  Sticking magnets or other stuff inside your body would require even more care. 

    If you talk about sterilizing the tools and magnet, you might want to mention the information about NOT using bleach or hydrogen peroxide on TiN coated magnets.  Those are two common cleaning chemicals that I might have tried had I not read that information.  Also not heating the magnet like boiling or autoclave (pressure cooker).

  • Nice, very well done dude. Keep it up.
  • @Birdhandz, I read your recipe earlier and when I mix up a batch I will definitely include the baking soda.
    I hope you enjoy the episode about safety. I welcome criticism if I say something incorrect. I'd rather be corrected than to let a mistake slip through and become disinformation.

    @Quantum. Thank you, we will keep making them.
  • Shared on social media...Love it! I like how you guys became more comfortable as the episodes went on.
  • enjoying your podcast i was referred to it by another player on habitica, and i myself am a co-host and producer for another biohacker/grinder podcast aptly named "dangerous minds" and would like to invite yal on for an episode at some point, we rotate between news discussions and interviewing someone from the community for our lineup, feel free to reach out to us if interested at [email protected] and you can find more out about us through our homepage at www.dangerousminds.io and or http://pca.st/38OG
  • Looks like I've got plenty of auditory ways to keep up with things while at my day job :) Looking forward to listening! 
  • Keep making episodes! :D

  • Thank you for all the encouragement!
    Please enjoy the latest episode

    It's about a couple subject near and dear the Biohack.me community and where I learned everything about Coatings and Safety.
  • Great episode.  The part about passing out was something to think about if you try to do this stuff yourself.  I don't have any implants yet (waiting on the magnets to be ready) but I'm not sure if I will try implanting myself or not.  I cut myself all the time but never on purpose or with the intent to shove something into the wound.

    The information about Sugru is something that NEEDS to be made more available to everyone.  I watched the Lepht Anonym videos too and heard that she (it) used Sugru and hot melt glue.  That sounded like a simple and cheap solution to the bioproofing problem.  Too bad it doesn't actually work.

  • Enjoyed listening to some of these on the bus yesterday, keep up the awesome work!
  • Here's our episode ten.

  • Episode eleven.

    I don't know how many people rely on me posting here to see when new shows are up. I don't want to spam the forum.

  • I would say you're fine to continue posting here. It's not like you're just endlessly bumping the thread without adding to it.
  • Halloween bonus episode!
    Caution, I saw the word dick.

  • I like how you guys have become more relaxed & less wooden every episode.

    The Halloween episode was hilarious & the puns were cringeworthy. Keep it up!
  • @Nox, thanks! Our delivery has taken a lot of work and some conscious effort so it's great to hear that it's paying off. I'll be sure to keep the puns coming.
  • looking forward to our joint conversation on sunday, hopeful both of yal will be able to make it out the more cyborgs on mics the better i think.
  • I'm enjoying both of these podcasts. 


    I'm subscribed to the 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone channel but I vote to keep posting here when new shows are available.  It shouldn't take up too much bandwidth for a post every couple weeks and it could give us a good place to discuss the topics further if there are any questions or comments.


    I've been using AntennaPod to listen to your podcasts.  I think I might be an episode or two behind on them though.  Your podcasts are longer than the 2 Cyborgs ones so it takes a bit more time to get through them but I still try to listen when I notice a new show.

    I look forward to hearing both podcasts together.

    Keep up the good work on both of these podcasts.
  • thank you for your encouraging words.

  • Here is our twelfth official episode. The last two shows we talked about inputs and outputs as they relate to a microcontroller so this week we're talking about microcontrollers. Mostly Arduino since they're accessible.

  • Episode thirteen is a great episode to show people as an introduction to biohacking. Tim and I have gotten more relaxed on the microphone and we get into WHY we do what we do. We've recorded three episodes after this and out of all seventeen episodes this is our favorite and the one we point people toward.

  • We have posted episode fourteen on YouTube and our other usual podcast posting place. This one should have more appeal to non-grinders since it discusses RFID access to things like cars and homes. These are readily adopted by grinders with implants but that's not necessary to enjoy the benefits.

  • Awesome work! 
    Just gave a 5 star review. :)
  • @mpmk, thank you! We appreciate all the reviews.
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