New Magnet Implant

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Although I've been lurking around here for a while, this is my first proper post.

I just did my third magnet implantation, on my right pinkie finger. A video will be forthcoming, though I'm not sure how good quality it will be. Like the previous two times, which I did not record because I didn't want the distraction, I used a 10-guage needle with a plastic fork tine, following the method from this thread:
The magnet I used was a 3mmx1mm disc coated in FDA2T epoxy and tested by extended soaking in saline. The magnet and all implements, as well as the workspace and my hands, were sterilized with clorhexidine. Prior to implanting the magnet, I numbed the finger by submerging it in rubbing alcohol that I'd put in the freezer overnight (credit to benbeezy for both that idea and the magnet coating method).

At present, it does not hurt very much but there seems to be significantly more blood soaking through the bandage than with the previous implants, nothing overly alarming, though.


  • Here's the video:

    Neither the world's best video or video editing, I'm afraid. I tried to jumpcut/speed up the boring parts at least.
    A couple of notes, the glove used was to prevent my hand from getting slippery from the rubbing alcohol, an issue I'd had in the past. The paper towel that shows up was soaked in clorhex and used when I had to touch something non-sterile, mostly while dashing to the freezer.
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