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I know there's been some general discussion in the past to hack hearing aids to supplement our natural senses. Before today though I hadn't come across anyone who's actually done that. These guys did a pretty good job, does anyone know them personally?


There's an article about it here: 



  • Yeah man, this is @Frank
    I've always wanted to give these a try.
  • Cool! @frank any plans to use this setup to hear things aside from wifi? 

    I'd love to hear a bit about what went into the project, is this something you could see other grinders replicating?
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    So, this is a little old, but I'd been absent for a few weeks and just now got to catching up. A similar affect could be accomplished with a wired or wireless earpiece connected to an Android phone (or a Windows, Linux, or macOS computer, but for mobility, an Android phone) running a wifi scanner / packet sniffer to actively scan for nearby visible and hidden wifi networks and loosely estimate their network traffic densities.
    Of course that idea isn't very exciting in my opinion, but once someone gets a good Bluetooth earpiece implant completed, it'll be a much more exciting prospect.
    (On the topic of earpiece implants Apple's new "AirPods" as well as a similar new product from Erato. A few others, some of which can be seen here: https://www.cnet.com/news/11-alternative-wireless-earbud-headphones-that-arent-the-apple-airpods/ look promising for potential modification to support implanting.)
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