Looking to Interview Grinders, preferably near NYC

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I'm in the process of writing a television pilot at a producer's request, and a large chunk of the plot revolves around a group of Grinders. I want to explain the subject matter simple enough for the average person to understand, but I do not want to oversimplify. I'm looking to talk with a grinder and find out more incites into the community from the eyes of someone active in it. I'd prefer an in person interview, but I'm more than willing to talk over email or skype as well.



  • I'm not near Nyc but what exactly is the pilot?
  • Are you working for and/or have you already pitched for a studio or network?
  • Lordfeng:
    I'm pitching the idea to a producer. He loves the idea and wants to see a treatment. 

    So while the main plot does not revolve around grinding, the main character is a basic grinder (has an RFID chip, thinking about going further). There is also a subplot later on where a more advanced grinder (ala a Kevin Warwick) begins testing out some more experimental cerebral implants. I can tell you more about the main plot in a private message if you're interested!
  • My chain of thinking is that the reason why "Mr. Robot" is so successful is that they have hacker consultants working with the writing team in order to make everything realistic. I'm looking to do something at least slightly similar.
  • I'm only asking because I work production in Los Angeles and I am currently aware of an NBC Universal pilot, a SyFy project in development, and a Sony Pictures film in development that all have characters with tech implants.
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