NFC tag implantation

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(Hopefully) nothing new here, but I'll document it anyways, there is a possibility the tag will reject.

I got an xNT kit from Dangerous Things and implanted it last weekend.

Prep was rather easy, my friend and I cleaned the table well and layed out the sterile mat.

I applied ice to my hand for a few minutes to numb the area.
Everything was sterilized with betadine (providone-iodine) to remove any chance of infection.

At first, I had my friend both tent the skin and insert the needle, but my fear of needles took over and I couldn't do it.
We waited a few minutes and started again, this time with me doing the injection while he tented the skin. This went MUCH better as I was in control of the rate of insertion and pain. Strangely, it felt like it was really hard (lots of resistance) to push the needle in, but I suspect this is purely psychological as my skin isn't magically different.

I inserted the needle up to the marked point and then slowly injected the tag while pulling the needle out.
As the needle was coming out, we noticed a white thing inside (the plunger), thinking it was the tag, I everything back in a few mm and redid the insertion.
This time everything was seemingly fine and I applied gauze and a band-aid.

Here's a non-edited, shitty quality, french-filled video of the procedure:

Now (around 40 hours later):

I'm getting easy reads using my LG G4, tag appears to be working perfectly.
Entry wound is nicely closed and a (very) small scab has formed, everything ok here, no pain even if I poke it lightly.

The possible problem is at the other end of the tag: turns out that I didn't insert it parallel to the muscle. The tag is noticeably closer to the skin near the end of the pocket than at the start. It rests at around 10-15 degrees.
The area is slightly uncomfortable at rest and a bit painful if I touch it. It's also slightly whiter that the surrounding area.

I'm worried that I didn't go deep enough and that it will pop out from the back.

I'll keep documenting the process in the next few days/weeks and see what will happen.


  • If it was my hand i wouldnt worry too much with the mindset that the humanbody can easily adapt to New situations. If you keep the wound close so there is no way of the tag to get out it should be Fine.
    The Medical expert that did my second xnt told me that i just should watch out that the tag can't slip out. So keep a bandage etc on it. But if the wound is healed it should be Fine. My First one which i also did myself ( its really weird and kind of hard to Push the First part of the needle in) i just put a bandage with gauze folded underneath it to keep preassure on it. And went to sleep as it was 2am when i did it and it all went Fine that night, eventhiugh i lost the bandage midsleep.

    So just keep an eye on it that it can't slip out and it will settle itself. It night get closer to the Edge of the Skin but its only a plus as its easier to Read.

    Don't feel bad if you need us to help you keep an eye on it :)
  • The tag has healed much better in the past few days.

    It's now resting at around 5 degrees tilted and is just under the skin. I can feel it really easily and it becomes visible if I flex my muscle.

    All is good!
  • Yeah I can feel mine and see mine very easily aswell. and even more when i flex the muscle. It's all good! don't worry so much about the NFC tags, they are really safe and don't really reject that often(?)
  • I abused my RFID tag and it still didn't reject. My abuse start the following day after implantation.
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