Who is the grinder candidate - Trump or Clinton?

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Out of interest: Which presidential candidate's politics to you feel most closely reflect or support the grinding / transhumanism philosophy?

(I'm setting aside Zoltan Istvan, of course...)



  • A.I. for overlord 2016. Let's just say I'm glad I'm missing the voter registration window by a few months...
  • No. The answer is No.
  • An honest appraisal? My foot would be a better grind-oriented candidate than either. 
  • What do you consider a requirement for supporting the grinding/transhumanism philosophy?

    At minimum I'd think a support for bodily autonomy, freedom of expression, the scientific method and scientific advancement would be a must. Policies supporting forward thinking and exploration would also be preferable.

    Between the two major party platforms and candidates, one is more likely to support those broad general positions compatible with grinding/transhumanism than the other, but I don't think either of them would do anything either for or against any advancements in the community over the next 4-8 years.

    Considering the current options' mastery of twitter and email, I think we likely have several presidencies before any candidates are even aware of grinding/transhumanism, let alone prepared to pander to us.
  • I honestly don't think either one is a candidate who would take the political suicide to say they even remotely 'accept' the idea of what we do... 

    So much red tape to be made. X_X
  • I will I feel not biohackers but hacking in general is a lifestyle threatened by Hillery Clinton.... She may have some bad feelings.... But really was OP trying to sture the pot?
  • I think Sanders would have been the closest option. I'm adding this primarily related to his stand on education and science.
  • Option C; Move to Canada.
  • Option c is a real choice. Personally I don't believe you need to have transhumanism and grinding in the same category.

    I think pitching it to them in a separate and more functionality type of way (I.e medical enhancements) would be the best way to maybe get some sort of non political suicide acknowledgment.
  • only now that you guys have Trudeau. Y'alls had some seriously fucked bs before him. Probably will happen again :(
  • Yep, Trudeau has MASSIVE popularity problems in western canada. It's probable that the liberals wont be making a comeback once their term ends.

    As for C being a good option, I'm not so sure it's really different from the US. The laws aren't much more permissive and the public opinion seems only relatively better since Canada isn't as religious overall.
  • Health care man health care. I'm in mass we have the mass health. You get treated like a dog...hell vets treat dogs better....
  • i'm voting for Trump. but only because i like chaos. i wanna see the world burn.
  • I'm trump because I hate Hilary and think she belongs in jail lol.

    I would love Paul Ryan to run...but he doesn't want too....

    Let the hating begin!
  • Vote Clinton for prison 2016.
  • 2nd above
  • InB4 this becomes a political firestorm and gets shut down with chaos erupting everywhere... X_X With this being said... The problem is... 

    Clinton may be a criminal and all... But Trump is almost literally Hitler, without even exaggerating...:s

  • Let the firestorm begin before glims notices!!!
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