Silicone coatings for implant a magnet.

Sorry, if it's question already asked on the forum. I from Russia and i don't know where you can take silicone shell in youre country, but i haven't this opportunity, besause i live in little city. Help me, tell me how i can make silicone coatings/shell(i don't know how to properly).


  • Welcome in, @Titus! :D

    You're best bet is to honestly do a lot of research into different threads in the board to learn about silicone and how it's applied. It's usually used for larger implants with different properties and needs. D:

    Silicone is not the most ideal coating for magnets, I would suggest researching the Wiki to make your choice, if you be doing this yourself, but Here is a good place to start learning about working with magnets, what you might want to do.. ^^
  • Zerbula, thank you.
  • @Titus  i'm not sure where exactly you're at and how small your city is, but if you're willing to hold out for a bit, this :
     is pretty much the best magnet you can get implanted for the money right now. so if you save up and get this i think the peace of mind you get from having implanted the "top of the line" in magnets  will be very much worth it as compared to the iffy-ness of coating a magnet yourself with silicone and having to worry about wether you did a complete job or not...  
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