I have been pointed to trying Kava to assist with my nature of General Anxiety. ^^ 

Does anyone have any experience with the nature of Kava root, first hand? I'm finding some occasional notes and qualms with it being damaging to the liver, but otherwise it seems to be not as invasive in regards to mental inhibition as it is to simply acting as a mental relaxant. :o  My primary concern isn't interaction with other drugs (though if anyone is aware, this would be appreciated), but is anyone aware of if this has a major effect on actual mental clarity?  

Also was going to look into the nature of CBD oil to help with Ulcerative colitis, but since stress is what causes it in the first place for me nine out of ten times... The general anxiety is my target. Feedback on interactions with the pair?

Sorry, this is one of the chunks of the board I don't know well. Help would be appreciated. ^^'



  • Have you checked out Erowid.org and Bluelight.ru?  Those are two of the best places to look into both scientific information as well as personal testimonials and accounts when it comes to stuff like this.  

    As far as personal experience I have tried Kava once.  It really did not do much to me, however, I am in general, insensitive to medicines, and herbs so I cannot be of any help to you there.  Good luck. : )
  • I tried it once when I was in Hawaii. I didn't really feel anything. And it tastes like drinking a puddle and looks the same aswell.
    We had to chug it because of the taste.

    But there was another guy at the bar and he looked really relaxed. I don't know how much he drunk and if he only took kava.
  • Thanks for the links @TheDiabeticGM :D
  • Anytime!  : 3  Glad to be of service.
  • A café/bar near my apartment sells kava, and I've tried it. IIRC, it kinda tastes like minty dirt water, and it makes your tongue very slightly numb. I didn't notice any other effects whatsoever.

    I had a friend visiting from out of town at the time, and he was so unimpressed with kava's effects that he yelled out, "I'M ON VACATION! I'M DRINKING DIRT WATER" for some reason. Maybe it had more of an effect on him.
  • I am more interested in trying this as a herbal suppliment/tablet/pill than I am as a drink... 
  • @Zerbula Never had it as a pill, but have taken kava as a drink before, slight numbing of the lips (and sometimes tingling in fingers/toes in larger doses).

    Very calming, very relaxing, however I was warned to avoid taking it with alcohol, not sure if that would apply to smaller doses tho. 

    So, last night I procured 1oz of Ground Kava root and took approximately two level tablespoons mixed with roughly 4oz of water, Small meal.

    Indeed, it is a nice relaxant, and at no point did I find myself losing motor control or feeling altered. ^^ My lips and tongue did go somewhat numb.

    I had a small panic attack last night, but it felt like It was removed, not nearly as severe. Also found myself feeling just a smidgen less bashful. just a little bit from lack of feelings causing me to go all shy. :D

    Trying a dose (Spent some time relaxing and whittling out a gatorade bottle cap to make a completely smooth scoop last night) mixed with warm water to see if the temperature changes anything. ^^

  • @Dr_Allcome

    From what I have read, Kava can cause liver damage, much more commonly found to be from the tablets rather than the drink, and can drastically increase the potency of mind-altering substances such as downers and relaxants. x-x

     It seems to have a lot of similarities with Benzodiazepines.

  • @Zerbula
    They could both have the same active ingredients. There are bath oils I can't speak from personal experience but can from research for a project.... You may also want to try float tanks.... (There just cool....)
  • I'm late here, but I love Kava.

    Kava when prepared right, gets you feeling pretty good. I always bought mine from bula kava house. Premium shit. Kava is sort of diverse like alcohol. One root may make you more talkatuve, another may not. I find it best to get the kava root and strain and knead the kava root yourself through a cloth. Thats the best way to do it for real affect. s

  • Cava was big where I grew up, consumed by TB-ridden men in dingy huts. Tried some once and it tasted like puddle water. 

    I *think* there are different things sold under the same name so YMMV. Drink too much and your legs stop working, apparently. 
  • PS the OG way to prepare it is to have virgin boys chew the roots and spit into a big communal bowl. Enjoy!
  • Indeed, the taste is... >~<

    So, I have been taking kava in slightly varying doses for the last 5 nights (this will be night six).

    I have just made a batch of kava with many many ingredients to attempt to see if the flavor is maskable. I have not been preparing it traditionally, I am going for much more direct and stronger quantities. ^^'

    The taste is horrid. Very over it, the best analog I have personally is powdered bark of redwood trees getting inside your mouth. really dirty, earthy bitter taste that wants to linger and makes me kinda feel a little sick. >~<

    As for it's intended effects... Exactly as described. ^^ Very happy with its results.
  • yes just dont get kava drunk. nothing bad will happen youll just wish you hadnt.

  • I like Kava. Don't mix it with booze though. My Samoan coworker makes his with coconut water and something else to make it tastier. I'll get the recipe if you are interested.
  • I'm starting to play with tincture. :0
  • @Zerbula Are you buying locally or from the instantnet? And I am glad to hear that it is working out for you! : 3  How do you find the tincture?  Did you make it or buy it? I take Kratom occasionally and it is also a foul powdered plant material. The way you are describing your efforts reminded me of this and so inf you haven't tried it already I would say that you might want to use either chocolate milk or vanilla almond milk as mixers.  The latter is better IMHO, but isn't as readily available.  I can't say for sure that the flavors will mix well but if it sort of tastes like earthy planty dirt, as Kratom does then some type of milk like substance will definitely make the whole thing a bit more pleasant.
  • edited September 2016
    The tincture is made by a local herb store and sold pretty cheap (about $6/oz). I had to buy a dropper, which was another $3, so sill coming out ahead. ^^

    I cannot use milk. ulcerative colitis is an unbelievably cruel condition. ;_;

    For me, personally, the tincture seems to be just as potent, if not even more than powder, when taken at full dosages... I've been doing 45 drops after experimenting around with the 20-40 average dose serving, I do 35.down my throat, either mixed in with a drink or strait down, and 10 sublingually under the tongue. ^^'

    It seems to, under this circumstance, start kicking in rather quickly, and lasts approximately a few hours. <3

    The tincture is MUCH more bearable than the powder for me, a lot easier to prepare and administer... And at the current pace I'm using it, it looks to be cheaper them root, too. :D
  • Kava is awesome. Check out ozia's kava candy. That was the only way I could deal with the stress of Seattle Tacoma's traffic when I lived there. CO2 extract is the best.
  • Kava I like. Anybody here try kratom? Super Red Vein Borneo is a somewhat similar experience to downing a bowl of Kava.
  • I like Kratom well enough.  I prefer some Red Vein Bali to Alcohol but in general, if other options are available, I find it a tad too expensive and often less effective than I am comfortable with for that price point.  
    Are you saying that all Kratom is similar to Kava in your experience or that this specific type of Kratom is?  It is my understanding, that Kratom actually acts differently if you are taking a high dose or a lower dose.  Is Kava more like a low dose or a high dose of Kratom?
  • Kratom will be schedule 1 in the United states at the end of this month, so hey it while you can! Feels like an energetic hydrocodone to me.
  • DEA emergency scheduling because they like oppressing people.
  • ....@johnolson can you give proof instead of simply attacking the gov/policing issues...

    Me: I heard they are banning cars!

    You: why?

    Me: because the police don't like the masses being able to travel!

    Give proof.
  • @meanderpaul
    Illuminati confirmed....
  • Yea Super Red Vein and some root strains from kava that ive tried are similar in they make you sleepy. Most kava roots only make you very very calm though. But other than that they share no similarities really. Sucks they are scheduling it.
  • Ya I doubt that they are.
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