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I don't know if anyone noticed the change but we now have a notification pop up next to our usernames when someone comments on a stared thread of something we have commented in. I like the idea but it doesn't seem to refresh to 0 unless you click your name. I think it should if you click on the thread also. I know for me all the new commented threads are at the top of the discussion list so it's easier then clicking my name and going through that way.


  • That's been there for some time I think, and I agree it's quite annoying. One of the many things that should be fixed in the new form rollout (which is still ongoing, I promise!) 
  • I never noticed it before yesterday. I got faith in all of you coders!
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    We're basically experimenting with different platforms. The latest version of Vanilla was a huge bust, MyBB migrated nicely but the overall appearance is going to be much different then what we currently have. Next on the playing list is Flarium - which I'm writing a custom migration script for and will hopefully have time to finish tonight or tomorrow - the only real downside with flarium is that we will all be forced to do password resets on our accounts if we go that route as the password hashing between the two platforms is different.
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