NFC payment ring now available

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So I just saw this article, and was wondering if it shouldn't now be possible to use this nfc chip as an implant.

Maybe some of you guys know this stuff better, but I'd love to pay with swiping my hand over a terminal without wearing a ring.

The company selling this rings is called NFC Ring.

Edit: This is probably a better link to find infos for the chip. It's produced by Infineon.

Edit2: changed the link


  • I'm working on it, just a matter of time :D
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    @chickendiner the link you added in you edit has an extra http:// at the end so it doesn’t work unless manually removed.

    Will these rings have the problem of expiring like pay pass cards? or more like pay pass on my phone? Will change chips if I have to but would rather not…

  • I'm totally interested in taking a look at them, but Im currently in Spain instead of NL so i can't really check the internet for info. Anyone care to share the details about the chips and how it is suppose to work as Most bankcards Have encrypted and "weird" chips in them?
  • Ok so I have a gen 1 of the ring.

    It is real and right now the company is very hush hush about the ring. From what I have gotten for information from the creator of the ring is that it does not expire in the same way as a card. They are working directly with visa.

    This is very similar to what dangerousthings is working on and apparently also @alexsmith.
  • This is what I've been waiting for. I have no other use for NFC implants right now, but I would buy this in a heartbeat.
  • I like the idea of the ring. I got one of their regular nfc rings. I would rather have the implant. Cannot wait for Alex or dangerousthings to have one available! I have had 5 banks tell me to get lost when I ask if they can help with this.
  • I met some of the guys from this company a little over a month ago. Interesting folks. The concept and tech is really nothing new, but the build quality is really good.
  • I agree I tried to get some info from them on the actual nfc chip they use for payments but they had a NDA. This was my initial into into nfc as an implant option and helped me decide between rfid and nfc for my first.
  • Fuk i need this.
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