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I'm new here (obviously) and not sure if I'm in the right place. Also not sure which category the community wants this in. Sorry if posted to the wrong one. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I'm interested in hacking the human biofield (electro-magnetic field). Yes, electricity and magnetism. I think this is a huge topic with a large variety of interconnected sub-topic areas. I'm currently researching topics like biomagnetism, bioelectromagnetism, magnetoception, magnetobiology, magnetoastrobiology, magnetocardiography, josephson junctions, sacred geometry, Qi, chakra hacking, miniature biofield vitalizers, frequencies, vibrations, sound therapy, the 33 crystal structures of the human vertebrate, heterodyne of light and sound (and optical heterodyne detection), pleomorphism, nemescope, noetics, plasma fields, seven color maps of the toroidial field, the enneagram (as sacred geometry and as it relates to how the heart moves), the flower of life, meridian lines, chakras, sanals and totipoint stem cells, electro crystal therapy, live blood microscopy, blood luminosity and vibrancy testing, biofield pathology, kirlian photography, karma chantics, time rhythms of the meridians, electro-acupuncture (Voll), birkeland currents, the DC potential over meridians, sonopuncture, a device that makes the precise acupuncture points visible and glow on the skin, moxibustion (heat travels down meridian lines), polycontrast interference photography, electrophonic analysis (GDV scans), NES, scimatics, brainwave entrainment, Reiki, tuning fork therapy, and so much more.

Other things that would be interesting to collaborate and experiment with are:

Extremely low level electrical devices implanted on acupoints and along meridian lines and implantable frequency or vibration generating devices.

Electrical currents, along with their associated magnetic fields, can be found in the body (Becker and Selden, 1985). The electrical and magnetic fields of the human body are complex and dynamic and are associated with dynamical processes such as heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biologic processes on many different scales. These phenomena all contribute various field components to the biofield.

In addition, a broad spectrum of radiant energies exists known as electromagnetic waves, ranging from the ultra-low, extremely low, very-low, low, and medium broadcast waves; very high – frequency broadcast waves; microwaves; infrared rays; visible light rays; and even ultraviolet radiation, all emanating from the human body. The peak intensity of the electromagnetic radiation of the human biofield is in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of 4 to 20 microns in wavelength. The belief is that much of this emission, particularly in the infrared region, is from thermal effects associated with metabolism.

Great discoveries have been made by enlightened, sometimes ordinary in other regards, people who used higher laws to supersede lower laws.

The two most important times in my life was the day I was born and the day I found out why (and who I am).

“Information wants to be free”

- Stewart Brand

“Information wants nothing. People want to be free”

- Cory Doctorow

“Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies—

it happens when society adopts new behaviors”

─ Clay Shirky

“Technology is not neutral. We're inside of what we make, and it's inside of us. We're

living in a world of connections—and it matters which ones get made and unmade”

─ Donna Haraway

Mistrust authority, promote decentralization and always use encrypted communications.

-- Me

Thanks for any future input. Looking forward to learning more.



  • Hey. Welcome. Ok, a word of warning here... most folks on this have a strong reaction to what is percieved as being bullshit. The methodology used to discriminate between bullshit or not is generally based on either previously performed research or the scientific method.

    I think most people are pretty open minded on this forum; however, addressing some of the items you listed requires a tough skin and a very critical approach. For example, what is a Chakra? Is there any evidence they exist? How can we measure them? How can we interact with them?
    Now you might answer something like consciousness etc. Which may very well be true and good.. but unless we can create objective measures I think most are going to say bullshit. Why talk about chakra when you can't so much as show me one?

    OK. . So maybe you could give some evidence of their existence.. our you could suggest a means of detecting them that we could do. Another idea is to develop behavioral or psychological measures to determine changes in people who do certain practices associated with chakra. Even if they don't literally exist, if the belief and practice improves us in some way.. who cares?

    Regardless of the approach, the one thing that probably isnt going to be well recieved is the assumption that they exist without evidence or relevance. Your post is loaded with tons of very heavily assumptive language.. ideas like enlightenment etc are hard to define and verify. I'm not trying to criticise your beliefs. Im just pointing out that if you don't get the response you're looking for here, it might be related to your approach. If you say you want to shock the fuck out of participants both on and off of meridian points to see if there is a difference in effect people will probably think it's cool. If you want to talk about chakras and meridians in general. . I don't think you'll find the board terribly inviting.
    Trying to write this on my phone and struggling a bit to get the idea across. I'm not trying to discourage you or be critical.
  • Is this simler to the electricity producing yeast? I was looking into that for a EV.... Tl DR (all) but will when I get off of work....
  • everyone better get your crystals out.  it's time to align our chakras again.
  • JohnDoe
    I'm not sure if it is the same thing or even anything like the OP is doing but I got a device called a MudWatt that produces electricity from bacteria.  I broke the little electronic gizmo that boosted the voltage enough to flash an LED but it actually made electricity from the bacteria in the mud.

    Basically all it is is a couple carbon cloth electrodes in a jar of damp mud.  One near the bottom where the oxygen is low and another on the top where it has oxygen.  It took a couple days before it started making electricity but kept working for over a year before I left it dry up.  The electronic gizmo raised the low voltage produced up to enough to FLASH an LED.  It couldn't power it continuously but flashed at least once a second once it got going.  A joule thief circuit worked on a homemade, multi-jar version I tried and could continuously light a single LED.

    I don't know if there is any way to use something similar for an implant but the joule thief circuit might be an option IF you could collect a small amount of electric power from the body itself.  Might be worth looking into.
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    Thanks for the log message Cassox. I appreciate your thoughts and questions. I too operate on the scientific method. I'm not some new age, hocus-pocus person. I have a scientific mind and love to analyze and experiment. I deal with things that have been proven, that can be seen and measured. There is tons of scientific evidence for the things I speak of. Anyone interested just has to be willing to do the research (or ask me for references to source material).

    FYI - I thought the exact same way you did prior to my research into this field.

    There are dozens upon dozens of scientists and scientific organizations all over the world that are researching this new science. They are, and have been, performing scientific experiments, publishing scientific papers and they have devices interact with these things. It's not actually not that new however ... it's been around for as long as humanity has existed but our technology has just now reached the level that we are able to detect, photograph, video, measure and manipulate the chakras, meridian lines and the human biofield in general.

    Here are 3 videos you can watch if you wish that talks about this, shows evidence, photos, etc., etc.

    Harry Oldfield - Energy Fields Revealed - Extended - Kirlian Technology - Beyond Visible Spectrum

    The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Biofield

    Steven Ross - Energy Medicine

    I also have tons of scientific papers and experiments done by legitimate and well-known scientists all over the world.

    And always remember not to dismiss something that you think might not exist (until after you've done you're due diligence scientific research) just because it's something you're not yet aware of.

    In other words ...

    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

    Don't forget that at one time in history we all thought the world was flat -- that is until we had the technology to prove it was a wrong assumption.

    And at another time in our history we that that the smallest thing that existed in the cell that's in the human body. Later, we found out we were wrong and that there was something smaller ... it's called the molecule. After discovering the molecule we concluded that there is nothing smaller and that the molecule is the smallest thing in existence. That too, was later proven wrong once we were technologically advanced enough to discover the atom (which is smaller than a molecule). After we found the atom we thought we had found the smallest thing in existence at that final point but later we would be proven wrong when we discovered sub-atomic atoms (electrons, protons, neutrons). So on and so forth throughout the history of humanity. This is the way it has always been.

    Now, (as in the past) we are coming into a time of new sciences and many new discoveries because of the technology we have. I find it all very exciting.

    There are medical and scientific devices the scientists are using to explore these things but all of the ones they have for sale are pretty expensive. That's where bio-hacking comes into play. I believe that the same devices can be built for much cheaper and thereby allowing the hacker type people and the do-it-yourselfers and the citizen scientists to do this at home, in their garages and basements. I know it can. The tech is there. The plans for building the devices are there. They are being used. Let's experiment to see what can be done.

    JohnDoe, can you elaborate on your post please?

    ightden, as a matter of fact ... in many scientific experiments it's been proven that crystals give off frequencies and vibrations that interact with your chakras. This has already been proven in labs all over the world.

    Birdhandz, Thanks for sharing info about the MudWatt. Interesting little device but what I'm talking about is a little different. Please see the videos I've provided and I can direct you to some websites of well-known scientists currently doing this work as well as scientific papers, experiments and many more videos if you are interested. Thanks.

  • Well, @CosmicAwakening , do you have any links to the experiments showing the interaction between crystals and the human bioelectric field? Preferably journals and experimental data.

    My recommendation would be to find a way to measure the bioelectric field in real time. Maybe a specialized MRI machine? Or a very sensitive inductive detector?

    Before we go out and attribute the field to a biological process, is there any way we can be sure it's not just static electricity being stored in the body (The body acts as a capacitor) and fluctuating in strength at various points as a result of the mechanical deformation of the dielectric and electrolyte?

  • Luckily, we have a very easy vetting system for this type of posting.

    Please link to your papers that you are mentioning. After @Cassox eloquently explained some of the roadblocks that one might experience with this type of posting, your reply was to post a few floofy youtube videos and promises of papers, with a wall of text talking about how everyone should keep an open mind. Don't tell us about "things proven in labs all over the world". Just put a link to the paper.
  • you and I both know those papers are never coming...  hopefully part of the new forums includes the feature where new posts get submitted to mods for review before going live...
  • @ightden well a review before going live could be useful in a forum with much spam - since that is not the case it is way more fun to mention the importance of your crystals from time to time ;)
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    "Hi there, I am new to the forum and am trying to learn how to charge my JO crystal." -newB(S)
  • "in a forum with much spam. Since that's not the case...", um you mean like the 10000000000000000th thread about magnets? I used to frequent the boards and they had fairly strict rules about posting. Kept the community really focused on progress, but was a bit agressive. Here on the other hand I would say is far too lax. So a happy medium would be good
  • I don't know. At the level its at I don't find stuff like this offensive. Id like to see the article of course. I don't think that they'll be provided. I think itd be cool if he tried to find them and then perhaps acknowledged that these things aren't as much a solid science as he first thought. I would respect this. Intellectual integrity is awesome and critical discourse is better than group thought.

    But overall im not really here to teach and were it happening more often I'd be less patient. I also haven't seen someone ever change their mind.
  • You guys were a little less critical to my first post here wow. Of course I doubt anything will be shown but man I wouldn't post anything again after this onslaught.
  • @cosmicawakening I'm new here too, but I think we've come from very different backgrounds with very different goals. Since I imagine it'll be extremely difficult for you to find published peer-reviewed papers in a reputable scientific journal supporting the subjects you're referring to, before we go any further, could you please define some terms? Please don't copy and paste, I'd like to understand how you interpret them so we have a starting position. Thanks.

    scientific method

    scientific evidence




    critical thinking

  • Ok so I actually read the entire thing with out the quick skimming I usually do when I jump in late to the conversation and see a large OP.

    I REALLY want to retract my original post....

    Your quotes are contradicted to each other and I am starting to think you need to go on some other sites not this one. Why even post those they help you do nothing but look confused and extremist/conspiracy nut?

    Anyway I agree you do need some sort of proof for us to read and your post reads like a mashup of wiki pages.

    I worked with a girl who raved about the moon and energies all day and rubber crystals on herself to not have BO....she stank then go canned from her two jobs....hurray karma which she believes in almost as much as people believe in Gravity.

    please answer some of the requests for papers and lordfeng's questions.
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    A long time ago (over a quarter century ago), I had all the magic, healing quartz crystals and all kinds of strange beliefs.  I went to see a healing magnet demonstration, ate super blue green algae, read all kinds of books, etc.

    None of that stuff actually did anything for me even if I wanted to believe in them.

    I still try strange things like the TDCS machine and I've been known to listen to Coast to Coast AM with lots of topics like Flat Earth, Paranormal stuff, and lots of conspiracy theories.  The difference now is I don't really believe in any of it without real proof.  Even the TDCS hasn't done enough to convince me that it really has any benefit and I can actually FEEL it doing something.

    I looked for some of the "tons of scientific papers and experiments done by legitimate and well-known scientists" and I did find some.  Unfortunately, none of the ones I found showed that any of it was real or worked better than a placebo. Some even did worse than without it.  I skipped the ones selling the magnets or whatever they were testing.  I have a feeling that this sort of thing only works for those who believe in them.  There are probably better forums for this sort of thing but I would like to know :

    What is the purpose of this?  Better health, extra senses, or just a better afterlife.  Sounds more like a religion than a science but I couldn't bring myself to watch the hours of videos to find out. 
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    I have put off nootropics for a similar reason, I have seen so many people who have possibly seen a effect but it is dwarfed by a placebo.... (No pill gives a 200% increase in test scores) but that to me begs a bigger question are we as limited as we think we are? Or is there a little white lie that can unlock unheard of potential.... After all it may only work as well we you believe it to.... Look at the TSA, tipping, or even minimum wage do any of them truly work? Maybe there is something bigger for a select few who truly believe, in something beyond the realm of reason. To which I say ignorance like that is a gift, truly maybe it's even a privilege....

    I basically just some can't grasp the concept of a placebo and experience a measureable gain in performance as a result unlock abilitys they have convinced themselves they lack.... The pill is just the push they need....
    This post is way to dame stereotypically philosophical....

    Are you still coming around? There are some good points here you should read and comment on....
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    I agree. While I'd be amongst the first to call bs.. I'm not actually closed minded to these ideas. I am willing to consider data. I'll be critical, but im not inalienable. Please present any research you have. 
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    When it comes right down to it, who cares WHY it works as long as it does.  If carrying a rabbits foot or magic rock makes you feel better, go ahead and do it.  I do believe that the powers of the mind are much greater than we realize.  How else could you explain why a placebo works on some people but not others?  That's where the problem comes though.  Is it repeatable?  Does it work the same for other people .

    I woke up today and run electricity through my head.  I feel REAL GOOD right now.  Was it the TDCS machine or just a good night's sleep?  Maybe it did something to my chakras?  Maybe it's all in my mind and it is actually doing me harm?

    @CosmicAwakening I still want to know what benefit you hope to get from your own research.  I doubt I would strap wet sponges to my head and shock myself if I didn't hope it would make it easier to learn, make me more focused, or just feel better.
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