Any 3d printable mods?

Hey Im new to this forum and kinda new to biohacking Ive done research on magnets and implantables and I was wondering of you guys knew of any 3d printable mods/hacks. I have access to a 3d printer I built and would love any suggestions 


  • There have been a few different threads on the feasibility of 3D printing and biohacking. However as it stands the most common filaments (PLA/ABS) aren't biosafe and there for cannot be implanted.

    We have however been testing 3D printed tools and how they hold up to the autoclave sterilization process.

    Do you gave something more specific in mind?
  • I was thinking about external mods possibly some sort of  mechanical upgrades 
  • When you say external mod you mean wearable or transdermal?
  • Yeah sorry If I come across as hard to under stand Im new to this 
  • I wouldn't sweat it. Your not that hard to understand.

    When you say mechanical upgrades you mean? The more information you give the better we can help/discuss.
  • I was just thinking of any sort of external device that would assist the wearer like allowing you to lock joints to help you carry heaver loads or allow you to lock a grip on an object 
  • Methinks plastics may not be structural enough to assist with this, though color me possibly wrong! ^^

    perhaps Imitation vice-grip joints around fingers or 'crab claws' might be possible for light to medium weight objects...
  • You need to look up mrtesolanian and hacksmith and look at there exoskeletons.... A 3D printer will most likely not get the job done....
  • I have a setup that would allow me to make metal casts of 3d printed parts so that would help 
  • Well I believe the exo johndoe is referring to will best suit you.

    You could start some workouts that will help you and even possibly nootropics also. You'd be surprised how much simply pinching and holding weight in your hand will help strengthen it.
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    Since you are interested in EXTERNAL mods, I would think that would open up a lot more possibilities than if you were looking to implant something.  I'm interested in different sensors that would mostly be external devices.  The Bottlenose ultrasonic device is something I intend to build and am waiting on parts to be delivered for that project. 

    An exoskeleton sounds like an expensive and difficult project but I vote do it if you can.  I would start with something smaller before jumping into that big of a project.  Bionic boots sound fun and there might be parts that a 3D printer could make for that.

    Glasses or a helmet (hat) special printed to include spaces to hold sensors, lights, an earphone, or other stuff could be a good starting project.  I could keep thinking up projects but so could you.  Think of something you want and then think up a way to achieve it.  If you built your own 3D printer, you could probably make just about anything you can dream up given enough time and money.

    One last thought.  How about a wrist, ankle, and/or head/neck band with a peltier module in it?  If you could keep from overheating or getting cold, I would assume you could do more physical activity.
  • I have not made a exo skeleton but I am somewhat of a walk encyclopedia of joints so I can offer in 2cents if needed.
  • yeah lemme just upload my exoskeleton.stl file dude you can print it out in a few hours no problems.  then you'll be off fighting crime with it I presume?
  • Hey you never know....
  • If you are interested in youtubers making exoskeletons like hacksmith, I would highly recommend Douglas Scott. He has a tiny as channel but what he is making definitely seems to be a lot more proffesional.
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