genetic modification ethical and moral issues

I've been seeing alot of posts lately about genetic modification and it has me excited and slightly concerned,
obviously no one is going to be modifying their genes in their garage today or anytime in the near future (and if you are, please message me because i want in on that action). So as a community I would like us to stay a bit ahead of the game and open up a discussion now on what we think is and isn't ok and maybe consider forming some sort of community guidelines; obviously we won't be able to enforce anything, but recommending and discouraging possibly dangerous modifications should be considered. 

For instance, I suggest we don't edit any genes that can be passed down to future generations, so that means nothing in the testicles/ovaries and nothing with eggs/sperm. 

The complications of this are unknown and risking the lives of our children and future generations isn't worth the risk especially if enough people screw up their genes, they could ultimately alter the evolution of humanity.

Another issue, making sure we don't accidentally create anything lethal that could cause some sort of disease or something.

With that being said, I would say any other genetic modifications are ok. Everyone here is ok with stepping into the unknown and risking danger and harming their bodies for the sake science and be so go at your own risk. 

so lets open this up and add in what else we should try to discourage or what we should encourage /  what direction we should go in. 


  • You're talking about restricting a technology that barely exists. That's the opposite of innovation.
  • There was a abortion clinic/couple that was doing prescreening for things like cancer and what not, to me it just seemed to close to what the nazis were doing with all that master race type stuff.... The idea of genetic selective births is one I find eerie. I read that back and realize I sound like a conspiracy theorists nut job, I assure you that it is real.... It was a local news article can't find it now, I only remember that cause they had had like 20 abortions tryin to "make" the perfect kid. Here is a CNN article on the practice:

    If your looking for ethnical issues with genealogy/genetics that's really about it.... I agree with what glims said, we know more than you think.... We have made decent progress on milking spider silk from a goat, that has to account for something don't you think?
  • Is there any way of genetically modifying an adult?  In a way, it might be nice to pick and chose the traits your children would have but it would be even better if you could change yourself and let your children decide if they want horns, a tail, or glowing skin when they are older.
  • @birdhandz as far as i know, no, there isn't currently a way to genetically modify an adult, but what you suggested is more along the lines of what im suggesting, not doing anything toyourself that would alter your future children without their consent. 

    @glims im not talking about just restricting things out right, like i said we have no authority over what other grinders choose to do and not do, and even if we did, how are going to enforce it? troll them? im just thinking that maybe we should start to consider what sort of direction we should go towards as a community, and what directions we should consider avoiding; and while yes, this tech barely exists right now, it still exists, and one day sooner or later we're going to have to ask and answer these questions, and re-answer them, and re-re-answer them again. 

    @johndoe yeah that article pretty much summarizes my fears of what harm could come from this, such as the rise of a genetically elite class of people, however, turning kids into commodities is not something I'm to worried about. 

  • @jordygordy
    The same issue arises with a real NZT, stuff like that threatens the natural order of society.

    Some one here put it like this, you would need a cancer that knows when to stop being a cancer.... How I could figure that part out let me know if you do.
  • This post is starting to go back in the direction of a previous post asking about the same thing in regards to selective breeding. I would air on the side of caution as to the discussion.

    Removing things from the unborn that could be bad in the future is one subject but deciding to only breed for certain characteristics and rejecting the ones that don't meet the stand is another.
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    You “can” genetically modify adult cells. Grab your cells and treat with certain things (can’t remember but can find out if people want). This will produce induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). You can then alter them to your hearts content with the CRISPR/CAS9 stuff. Let them grow for a little then force them to differentiate into a tissue type with more select chemicals. Then reimplant them. No risk of rejection as they are your cells. If not fully differentiated when you implant, congratulations you have cancer.

    That all said… it’s not happening anytime soon. Outlined above is how they plan to personalize medicine so treatments are tailored to the individual rather than tailoring it to the problem like they do now. And it’s not as far along as it could be due to heavy restrictions (ethics) on human DNA editing. While we are not as constrained in ethics as they are, our problem is access to materials and tools.
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