Invasive replacement/deletion genes

So first I have to say hello this is my first post :D. Okay so while at work I was replacing some items that were put into wrong boxes and found that pulling every one out and replacing it with the correct item took ages and was thinking of ways to improve when I thought "what if they could replace themselves" I didnt think much of it until I read something about a certian ovarian cancer known to seek out and delete 11p13 and 11p15.5 sequences, because of this it is believed those sequences may contain cancer suppressing traits the abnormal cells "see" as a threat in the same way your body recognizes dangerous foreign materials, thus trying to eliminate them. This led me to a possible conclusion:

could the bodies natural protection be turned against certian genes to forcibly delete them or even replace them. This could make manual gene manipulation something that could be done with a syringe containing an invasive gene modified to recognize gene(n) as a threat.

*DISCLAIMER* Icould be 100% wrong and crazy


  • Another idea is to force replacement in a simple bacteria or virus to make the undesirable gene to be a prominent attribute so the body thinks the specific gene is part of the virus

    If it works it would act as the cancer does destroying the gene you desire and nothing else. However...

    If it does not work lets say you try to destroy the gene OCA2 responsible for melanin in eyes and skin there is a chance all cells containing OCA2 would be viewed as infected and be destroyed, so good bye skin and iris...
  • This is definitely achievable. Find a company to build the rna sequence you desire and introduce it into a virus or a bacterium. Look into crispr kits on the Odin, they also have lots of valuable information in their product descriptions. Very promising idea you have, I think you could really go somewhere with this

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