Any other good biocompatible magnets

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Hello im new to bio hacking and this whole form and im interested in magnet implants. I was wondering if anyone new if any other magnets besides the M31 I could use for an implant. If you have any you can think of the advice would be great.


  • I'm no expert, but considering that the m31s should be back in stock soon, I would just wait.
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    I'd personally wait for an M31 or - whatever the next generation would be called.

    If you must, Steve Haworth does travel and has magnets. To give you an idea of his pricing, here's a snippet of an email I got back in April 2015 from them;

    We currently offer three types of magnets: Basic (original) finger
    magnets are the magnets we have been offering for many years and they
    are priced at $300 for the first and $250 for any additional magnets
    done in the same sitting.

    Several months ago Steve released what he calls "magician's
    magnets," which are larger and stronger but are rarely able to be paced
    in the finger due to their size. These magnets are more for showy tricks
    and less for sensory experiences. They are $400 for the first and $350
    for each additional.

    We have also just recently obtained some magnets which are
    approximately 20% stronger than the original finger finger magnets. They
    are the same size but silver in color instead of gold. These are $350
    for the first and $300 for each additional.
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