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One thing that I always try to do before trying something new is watch other people as they do said thing.  This is a pretty common learning technique and I think it would go a long way in helping new people get started and show what the process of implanting and modding is really like if we could add video, either embedded or as links, to the Wiki, so that people can see what the procedure is describing.  I would volunteer my own videos, however, I have not had a chance to do any implants on myself just yet.  So my question is:
Does anyone think this would be a good idea?  And if so could we post proposed demonstration videos and video tutorials for the Wiki in this thread?


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    I was actually going to suggest this yesterday, my phone just doesn't let me start new topics. >~< 

    Start posting your videos here, everyone. When I get the spare chance, I'll try to make a wiki page compiling everything. ^^ Because this is something I definitely would like to see. :D
  • Perhaps a dedicated YouTube account shared by the mass of us?
  • But I also think it'll be nice to incorporate everything into a one single list, in the wiki. Maybe a YouTube channel as well, pursuing both may not be a bad idea.
  • I concur.  A YouTube account could be great, but some people will lack the time and effort to get involved with that and so long as we have access to the videos they are willing to supply everything should be peachy. : )

    Would it be better for the Wiki to just link to the videos or to have them embedded?  Does the Wiki even have the capacity to do that? 
  • We need like a public dump - some mass storage space that will allow videos/images to be uploaded and shared with the community, privately. Without the need of YouTube or another video hoster. I'd be willing to set something like this up if there was interest by the community.
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