Downtime today for server migration

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Hi all—

The site and domain names are being migrated to a new home today. I'll try to make this as easy a transition as possible, but there's no way to do this without incurring some downtime. My apologies in advance. If this is going to be a major annoyance, my only advice is to stay off the boards/wiki today, and post any crucial posts or updates after the jump.

I will update this announcement when the migration is complete.


  • Server migration is now complete, and the site seems to be working fine in initial testing. If there are any serious issues (e.g. you cannot login), please contact a board admin.
  • There may be additional downtime in the next few days as the domain name will transfer ownership. I will post again when that process begins and again when it is resolved completely.
  • Domain name transfer should be happening shortly. Uncertain on the timeframe. Will update as we learn more.
  • Transfer really SHOULDN'T affect the site at all... should take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on when the registrar releases it.

    Kudos to you both for making this happen :)

  • @mmuyskens true, and it is in progress with the host provider saying 7-10 days to complete. (Hoping they pad the numbers heavily). Big thanks to @alexsmith and @glims for reaching out to @Jack who graciously got this going. I'm looking forward to what the site overhaul group is doing for the next version.
  • It lives! It breathes! :D

    I love seeing this community grow and strengthen. Thank you, @Jack! ^^ and of course, @Glims and @AlexSmith. And everybody else working on this. :3
  • Very glad to finally hand this off. I wish the best of luck to @BirdMachine and @cyberlass in taking the helm.
  • @jack
    So are you leaving for good?
  • also, is still down

  • @JohnDoe I haven't been involved since ~2011. I've only popped back in to delegate the ownership of the server to the community. Since 2010 this site has been on my own shared hosting, which has not been ideal as my ideas of how the site should be managed have diverged from a majority of the community.
  • @glims has redirected to the subdomain for awhile now. I removed it as part of the cleanup before moving servers, but if it's necessary @cyberlass will be able to add that back again.
  • No matter the case of site management, the ideals followed by one another, or who has what say or what
    power, we all are still here for the same reason and exist in the same community.

    And I do want to, no matter what, thank you @Jack, for everything you have done when it comes to the effort you invested. Even if it's diverged from your own whims, I'll still honestly say what exists is beautiful. ^^

    As is the mission statement, we are all still grinders. We are all biohackers. I don't know enough about the structure to comment on what's changed, but as one member of the community to the other, thank you so much for helping this community live. :D
  • @jack
    Do you have any copyright to your profile picture? It has become our site logo and I know someone was asking about that....
  • Creative Commons I believe it was called. So anyone can use. @johndoe
  • @JohnDoe — I drew the original that @mmuyskens just linked to, which is free to use and CC licensed. The download on that page also includes a "grid" to create your own. The profile picture that I'm using is one of the (many) variations that were made before settling on the one currently used.
  • Domain name transfer is complete now.
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